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Published on April 9th, 2017 | by Just Jay


Who Is Saint Soprano?

Saint Soprano, born and raised in Buffalo, NY, is a Hip-Hop artist that has been through it all, and has maintained one constant throughout his 28 years of life; his love for music. His fatherless childhood of poverty is what called him to the streets at age 11. Around this time is when he also began his journey into Hip-Hop. Starting his first music group, “Reefer Seeds” with his older brother, helped him put his street experience into words and allowed for a way to let out his frustration. Since then, Saint Soprano has worked with his brother, creating and recording his own records from scratch, while his brother made the beats and recorded their sessions on tape deck. To date, Saint Soprano has continued the trend starting his own record label, Black Forbes List Ent., co-founded by his brother.

Saint Soprano’s teenage years and adulthood has been spent in and out of the justice system. He spent the past 11 years in NY State prisons and could have been confined to the normal prison life, but instead he educated himself reading and studying books on music business, law, and general business operation. After serving 11 years in NYS maximum security prisons,since his release December 2016, he has completed “The Phantom EP”, a 7-track project of original material released June 14, 2016 on all digital music distribution outlets including but not limited to iTunes, Google Play and Tidal. He has released three official videos from the project, including the latest on Vevo, entitled “Juice” which has been featured in countless blogs garnering over 300,000 views to date.

Saint Soprano has currently completed his debut album, “The Phantom of the Opera”, scheduled for release alongside the DJ Infamous hosted mixtape “ReinKarnation: Makavelli Returns” March-April 2017.

We are pleased to have such a hard-working and talented individual as the forerunner of Black Forbes List. Saint Soprano is what defines the word “motivated”. He has completely focused his energy into music, and has used his street cred to develop a strong, dedicated fan base that continues to grow daily.With cosigns and collaborations from Beanie Sigel, Mulaarie, Trouble etc. The sky’s the limit for Him.

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