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Published on May 19th, 2017 | by J. Sneakerwire Harris


New Music: Chevy Woods The Freemix 1.5

Chevy Woods (@chevywoods) of Taylor Gang, Woods brings that “Rafe”, Rolls Royce Wraith, music to the table, and it bumps.  God heals all wounds, and when the money gets long it eases the growing pains.  Fresh rhymes from top to bottom.  Peering through gun bars, the sports synonyms paired with NBA league metaphors Woods murders the track, consistently. The mix-tape instrumentals drift like water—wavy.  Merging classic 90’s street music with the latest industry heat.  Woods raps over Travis Scott, Nas, and Meek Mill hit singles. This mix-tape is about getting to the money, the soundtrack of cinematic beat schemes prove life is a movie. Native of Pittsburgh, PA Chevy made his name on the indie scene sidelining Wiz Khalifa.  This is the lightest mood we’ve seen Chevy Woods, focusing on his pockets, he genuinely sounds like he’s smirking on every track, as opposed to the block conscious bars listeners are used too.  Chevy Woods rhymes smack up the wax, like an ex-girlfriend. He sounds seasoned on the microphone, despite being a new rapper, maintaining great control in a bi-lateral rhyme scheme. You can’t copyright the Taylor Gang swag stamp.  Whipping out foreign, cooking up work, Woods comes straight out the kitchen.  In this LP he brought the rap ego back.   As he rhymes over multiple popular samples including Future’s “Mask Off”.  This is the new wave of rap, focused on respect, in which we pray for less redundancy or repetitiveness.

Strategically bringing the nastiest track as the intro, to the hype exit track, “Taylor Gang is an Army.”  Rappers like Woods bring a bold technicality to verses. These bars take on their own life, and come straight for your neck. The bravado of a street dealer is what Woods represents. It goes back to when street hustlers with the gold links and pagers were bigger than rap. A time when the persona of a man, no matter how grimy, could give life to the neighborhood itself. The emergence of crews like Taylor Gang, Odd Future, ASAP Mob, keep the authenticity within hip hop. The spirit of a hustler lives in these bars. The configuration of the rhymes prove a block burner can be consciences, and there is no crime in holding your head high, and enjoying life. Bars shouldn’t equal perfection, the flaws are what makes them unique. Often times grabbing a microphone can be like walking with God– circa the God Emcee Rakim. Universals bind listeners to the dopest rappers. Chevy Woods got that ill-matic vibe, he knows he’s dope. The listener feels the element of “Survival of the Fittest” all predetermined on a gold chain. This is a solid LP from an underground independent rapper. Support the barbarians of the evolving rap game. One of these guys just might be the G.O.A.T. And Chevy Woods never fails to leave you in a Pittsburgh State of Mind.

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