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Published on August 1st, 2017 | by J. Sneakerwire Harris


Belly P.O.P. and The Art of Women

Belly @reBELLYus debuted his latest single “P.O.P.”  at his Canada Day performance July 1st.  A slight controversy ensued regarding his choice of explicit language.  As a Palestinian immigrant, Belly has been documented as living the dreams of the Western World.  The rapper and song-writer represents XO founded by The Weeknd, and Roc Nation.  Although Belly often uses his bars to croon to the ladies, his initial album was entitled The Revolution.  The album focused on the “History of Violence” in his Middle Eastern birthplace.  In 2016’s Inzombia he teamed with newcomers Nav, Young Thug and Ty Dolla Sign and hip hop and r&b heavyweights Jadakiss and Ashanti.  Belly, a politically charged rock star with undeniable rap skills is in his own lane. He varies rhymes from party sheik to coarse conceptual rap scenarios.

In “P.O.P.” an acronym for “Power of Pussy” Belly uses the female anatomy to empower women. Belly verified a visual starring Blac Chyna, while his album Glorious is anticipated to release later this year.  Ben Billions is known for producing hits such as French Montana’s “Lockjaw” and solidifying the Weeknd’s Starboy project, produced the single. “P.O.P” is a speaker knocking track.  Within the rhymes Belly pushes a condensed story of female obsession, control, and lust for life.  The song manifests as a dark twisted fantasy merging with vivid strategic verses.  Both Belly and Ben Billions combine for a raw single, ripe with a passion for the sexuality of women.  In an interview with Complex he conveyed, “I think women in general have always been the focal point of art since the beginning, arguably the most famous work of art is the Mona Lisa.  One of the inspirations I have always had from my music is women.  For me P.O.P. is a song about the human experience and what we go through as humans on a day to day.”

Often unfiltered, his revolutionary nature is an internal fire that com-busts into some of the hottest music.  On Hot97, the Funkmaster Flex show he established himself as a new school Jack the Ripper, completely ripping, or demolishing the instrumental.  Belly got his break, as a remarkable talent, co- writing smash hit “The Hills” aside the Weeknd in 2015.


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