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Published on September 7th, 2017 | by Jerry Doby


Jung Youth ‘Some Dreams I Won’t Remember’ (premiere)

I was on a conference call once with DJ Envy who said to the group, “Good music will market itself.” It was a point in the conversation where marketing and budget were brought up and his comment cut in at just the right time. There exist quite a few artists/creatives, making an impact with their art who aren’t household names but are successfully moving their way to the top with major synch placements. Jung (pronounced Young) Youth is just such a story and as such, worth watching to see how he grows.

Jung Youth (Photo: Ford Fairchild)

Why? How about having a song picked up by the NFL for the 2017/2018 season as part of the music bed for Thursday Night Football promos?! I’ll also have to point out favorable reviews from music maniac outlets like Earmilk.com and onestowatch.com, who’ve also taken notice of the “Jung” dynamo (yeah I know I’m corny…so what it’s my story!)

Only One King is the song the NFL chose for the Thursday Night Football campaign(s); an energetic EDM tinged fire starter that debuted on Earmilk.com.

The subject of our premiere, Jung’s newest single Some Dreams I Won’t Remember, presents a different aspect of his artistry with a celebration of Hip Hop form showcased in this introspective. No, it’s not straight Hip Hop which is the keystone of the joint; The song enjoys some dope vocal accents as well.

Overall the new single hits on all cylinders and is a well laid out invite to explore more of his music. 4/5 for me.

Jung Youth discusses Some Dreams I Won’t Remember (Dropping independently tomorrow Friday September 8th) and how it came to be saying:

Once upon a time it was a Saturday in September. Saturdays were always some of my favorite days to make music since at the time most of our friends were off work and our house, which we called the Snaphouse, was always jamming. My bro Danny Melonz started working on a beat and our main dude Nephew showed up ready to rock–the vibes were impeccable and I could already tell this was shaping up to be a banger. I was lowkey bummed because I had to leave and go to a wedding reception for someone I didn’t really know…the whole time all I could think about was how my friends at home were probably cooking up something awesome. About halfway through the wedding reception, Nephew called me and said that they needed to get me on the track, pronto. I decided that making this music with my friends was way more important than schmoozing with people I didn’t know, and my crew came and picked me up with the windows down, blasting the new instrumental the whole way home. It was one of those moments I will never forget.

As soon as we got home we started tracking rough vocals in the living room with a mattress propped up against the wall behind the mic and the rest is history. This song is so important to me because it reminds me of a couple things: first, that I might not be here today talking about and making music if not for the help and support of my friends. And second, that life is short and it’s up to us to make these moments count, for better or for worse. Most of the stuff that we stress or worry about will probably be forgotten anyways, just like the dreams we won’t remember after waking up from a deep slumber. ~ Jung Youth

Looks like we’ll all be getting familiar as Jung as he continues to grow…he’s already made an eternal song with his NFL selection Only One King…personally, I’m confident NFL Films will have cause to use it as well…the song is well…football!

About Jung Youth
Straight out of Music City, Jung Youth (born Justin Donahue) represents an energetic sound rooted in collaboration and versatility. “Stay Chill,” his biggest single to date, finds the freestyle-savvy MC focusing on melody, reflective writing, and growth. “I was a kid who was always questioning everything,” says Donahue, admitting that his stage name is equally inspired by Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung and Raekwon’s “C.R.E.A.M.” bars. After being greatly affected by Nas’ Stillmatic album, the young artist was drawn to Hip-Hop’s lyrical introspection and raw competitive spirit. “I used my music as a way to look deeper into my own life.”
This type of examination led Jung youth to hone his flow and develop a hard-hitting live show before being named a Red Bull Sound Select artist and rocking stages with legends like Mobb Deep, Ghostface Killah, Raekwon, Juicy J and Kool Keith as well as a new generation of performers like Travis Scott, Tory Lanez, The Kool Kids and Pell. With a grabbing voice, a writing stance that speaks to the experiences of many, and sharp flow, Jung Youth has the seasoned wisdom of a veteran, and the fresh eyes, sound, and captivating curiosity that has delivered him and his platform to this point – and even though his most recent EP is called Stay Chill, things are only continuing to heat up for this rising creative.

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