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Published on July 17th, 2014 | by Daja Marie


London Based Streetwear Brand Bring Guts, Style and Humour to Politically Minded Apparel

A London-based statement t-shirt brand is giving the middle salute to authority with a collection of punchy graphics that tackle a range of political issues relevant to GenY. Drawing its inspiration from street art, activism and pop culture Allriot has rapidly won itself a global fan base that can’t get enough of its playful, controversial and street-smart apparel.

At the forefront of the company philosophy is a determination to bring a fearless yet comical approach to the sphere of contemporary social issues. Allriot’s political t-shirts give discerning youths a chance to fight back against authority and flaunt a humour laced stance on red-hot issues such as corporate greed, corruption, the police state, mass surveillance, climate change and general political nonsense.

Karl Sharks, co-founder and Power to the People logistics manager said, “We’re not afraid to admit that we get our kicks from poking fun at politicians and their diplomatic drabble. When you purchase a t-shirt from Allriot, you’re buying a kickass garment designed by a bunch of London street kids who can afford to take the Mickey because we’ve got nothing to lose but our sense of humour, and nobody can take that away from us.”

Few brands are as polarising as Allriot, yet it has received a hugely positive reception from an internet savvy GenY that are wholeheartedly embracing the opportunity to speak up and let their voices be heard. This has made the company a pioneering independent design collective that not only kits out its wearers with up-to-the-minute apparel but also allows them to have their say in a world where the lethal combination of student debt and lack of jobs makes young people feel powerless, inadequate, and disenfranchised.

M. Randy Gandhi, co-founder and Robes and T-shirts production manager said, “None of us were activists prior to starting Allriot. We’re just artists who got concerned about the current state of affairs globally. We believe that humour is revolutionary. It’s the red pill that lifts apathy and challenges stale ideas, and now is the time to take it.”

The intrepid London-based brand refuses to scrimp on quality and exercises meticulous attention to detail towards the fabric, cut and detailing of each and every shirt. The result is a collection of top-of-the-range tees crafted with 100% ringspun cotton that is smooth, crisp and just the right weight.

Allriot retains a strong sense of ethical responsibility in everything that they do. The company is committed to sourcing sweatshop-free and WRAP certified garments that don’t take advantage of cheap labour and immoral manufacturing methods.  Instead, all tees are designed and printed in London which ensures wearers receive the very best in quality British craftsmanship.

For the GenY demographic that refuses to be denied a voice, Allriot captures the rebellious side of streetwear that often gets lost when people are trying to be cool. With free international shipping up for grabs, young people across the globe can rock a t-shirt that is guaranteed to turn heads.

Key pieces from this season’s drop worth include are the #Selfie t-shirt
Don’t Think , Big Brother Says Relax, No Fracking Way and None of the Above

Twitter: https://twitter.com/allriot_tshirts

About Allriot:

Based in London, Allriot is an independent design collective bringing a bold, playful and on-trend approach to the concept of politically minded apparel. They have gone beyond the bounds of what is traditionally considered streetwear: there is no hype, just strong graphics and an equal emphasis on style and substance.  The collection features quality British design, ballsy statements and materials that are ethically sourced.

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