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Published on August 11th, 2014 | by Daja Marie


SODO Apparel: SODO Apparel First Company to Compensate NCAA Athletes

SODO Apparel: SODO Apparel First Company to Compensate NCAA Athletes

SODO Apparel (“SODO”), the Seattle-based premium men’s sportswear brand, announced today that they will become the first company in history to pay NCAA athletes. SODO’s plan will not compromise the eligibility of any athletes and has been independently verified to be compliant with current NCAA rules.

“It’s a new day for NCAA athletes,” founder Mark Nelson stated. “We have discovered a viable way to compensate those athletes being exploited the most by the NCAA, its partners, and the universities.” SODO’s plan will initially compensate college football players across the nation after their eligibility has expired, with proceeds coming from a fund SODO is establishing. “We expect to cut the first checks at the conclusion of the football season,” sa id Nelson.

SODO intends to focus primarily on the uncompensated use of an athlete’s name, image, or likeness. “The vast majority of NCAA schools this year will sell player jerseys and the players themselves will get no compensation. That’s not right,” said Nelson. “We believe student-athletes should have the same right to compensation for the commercial use of their name, image, or likeness that every other student at the university has. Why would student-athletes not have this right when everyone else at their university does?” asked Nelson.

SODO will seed the fund with an initial donation and add monies throughout the season with revenue from the sale of their baseball caps. The caps are available through sodoapparel.com, SODO’s mobile retail store, or select Nordstrom stores.

“We know there are millions of people across the country that recognize the inherent unfairness of the current NCAA model. We invite everyone to get educated and join with us in sup porting the players on this issue. The NCAA and its partners need to hear our unified voice,” said Nelson.

About SODO Apparel

Founded in November 2013 by Seattle natives Mark Nelson, Lars Haneberg, Julie Stevenson, and Laura Hosford, SODO is a premium, urban men’s sports apparel brand. SODO is carried at select Seattle-area Nordstrom stores and has been seen on top NFL, NBA, and MLB athletes across the country (#SODOsighting). SODO is also the first apparel brand to ever be carried by Seattle’s premier fitness club, ZUM Fitness. For more information visit sodoapparel.com, follow on twitter (@SODOapparel) or on Facebook (Facebook.com/SODOapparel).

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