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Published on September 7th, 2014 | by Daja Marie


All About Kami Cosmetics


Who is Kameka ?

I am from the beautiful island called Jamaica, goal oriented, hardworking lady who loves Life to the fullest. A woman that is on a mission to eradicate that mental belief that certain colors are for a specific ethnicity. I have been in the beauty industry for over 13 years. As I’m in the dental field. I am a dental hygienist . It has always been a joy to  see people smile and it was always my job to ensure this happen through educating my patients on optimal oral health and how to maintain that beautiful smile. Currently I work alongside some amazing dentists that do cosmetic dentistry that help people to maintain and achieve a perfect smile. I consider an amazing healthy smile as beauty.

I was involved with a couple household name beauty brands for about 3 years. Now building my own beauty brand, KAMI.

When did you realize you wanted to start KAMI?

I’ve sold other beauty brands and have been to their meetings where they tell you to brand yourself, when in fact you are branding them. I said to myself, if I can open and close a sale about a brand that I really don’t know much about or I’ve never met the owner and make them a lot of money, why not build my own beauty brand that I will know about, a brand that I will stay true to and be confident about. A brand that has a meaning and a purpose. A brand that women can relate to.

After being told by a “makeup artist ” at one of the popular makeup counters that I’m too dark skinned to wear a red lip, the feeling I felt after walking away, I said I never wanted to experience that feeling again. Also I never wanted any other woman to experience that no matter what skin tone or ethnicity.

With so many cosmetic products on the market today, what makes KAMI Cosmetics stands out?

•    A better product experience and quality
•    Looks good and feel amazing on skin
•    A brand with a meaning and purpose that women from all cultural backgrounds can relate to.
•    Longlasting
•    Highly pigmented
•    Our logo is beautiful.

Who were some of my major influences in the beginning of your dream?

My mom – strong and beautiful with a heart of gold. Mentor –  believed in me and helped my idea into existence.


What does beauty mean to you?

Beauty is subjective; it’s personified. Although society tries to define what beauty is, beauty for me  is being able to express yourself freely without fear. Beauty is confidence, confidence is beauty.

Who are some of my favorite makeup artists and why?

Francesca Tolot – perfection, her work is impeccable. An amazing and talented makeup artist. Francesca has worked with so many incredible celebrities one of my favorite is Beyonce.

YaYaBeatsFace- love her! I trust her with my face. YaYa knows what works for me, and she is amazing with creating different looks for any affair. A Flawless finish.

What makeup trends do you see being big next season?

I see extreme dark colors with cool tones for the lips and the classic dirty nudes.

Is there anything you would like our readers to know?

The norm is boring, try something new. Wear Kami and Keep Looking Beautiful.

Interviewed By: Daja Marie

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