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Published on September 7th, 2014 | by Daja Marie


Designers: Jared Richardson & Trebor Adams

Who is Jared Richardson?

Jared Richardson is the owner and head designer for the brand.

Who is Trebor Adams?

Trebor is the co-owner of Ammo Stilo and creative director.

When did you realize you wanted to create Ammo Stilo?

There was a point in Philly where everyone was designing T shirts and making money. We simply just looked at what they were doing and thought we could do it better.

Where do you get your inspiration for your new “Mother Mary Jane” Hockey Jersey?

We really didn’t have an inspiration, we just wanted to follow the trend of our previous shirts and make a statement. A lot of brands play it safe and we wanted to be different and distinguish ourselves, so when people see it they know it’s us.

Who were some of your major influences in the beginning of your dream?

We didn’t have any influences in the beginning, we like to be able to say we did it on our own and everything we did was original. There’s other brands that we like, but we try to stay away from influence so your getting a piece that’s completely us every time.

What does fashion mean to you?

We believe fashion consist of trends, our main focus is Stilo. Stilo is expressing yourself originally creating what you feel is fashion.

How would you define your city’s fashion?

I think our city’s fashion really consists of a lot of styles or as we would say stilo. How we (do) our clothes you probably will only see in Philly. Our only problem is we mistake wearing a lot of labels (as) style, but that’s where we come in to make a change.

What was the first thing you created?

We really wanted to create a shirt that embodied our city. So we created a shirt that represented Philly and called it P-day.

What clothing designers inspire your dream and why?

Some designers that really inspire us would be Nigo who is one of the creators of Bape and Daymond John. They inspire (us) because they were innovators of streetwear their skills at designing and marketing paved the way for brands like us to flourish. They inspire us because we hope to have the same impact on streetwear in the next couple years.

What trends do you see being big next season?

We have a good idea of the next big thing, but Ammo Stilo likes to keep things exclusive. So you’ll see when we release it.

Is there anything you would like our readers to know?

We (would) like for the readers to know that we are without a doubt the hottest upcoming streetwear brand in the world. We like our designs to speak for us, so if there’s more the readers would like to know I encourage them to check @Ammo_Stilo on Instagram and ammostilo.com

Owners instagram/Twitter-@iamjayru @Robertbackwards

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