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Published on September 1st, 2014 | by Jameelah "Just Jay" Wilkerson


#LiveSession with OG Mack Drama

The Earth quakes when giants move about the surface of our planet…when OG Mack Drama moves the ground shakes, mountains move and ears looking for true knowledge based on experience and many years of trial and error, prick up and pay close attention. Host of the weekly radio show Power Talk with OG on, this legendary personality brings the most aware minds in the entertainment together in one place, to not just talk about the problem but present solutions.

A calm minded man, OG Mack Drama has a heart full of fire for the global community of not only Hip-Hop but mankind. Breaking free of the cocoon of the slave mind many years ago, OG emerged as one of the Monarchs of Hip-Hopdom and carried with him the weight of many years earning his stripes and respect in the street.

Today, you will find OG Mack Drama not just touching global communities, but being called upon as a subject matter expert, appearing as keynote speaker and featured personality at events and boardrooms. He makes sense and like-minded people who aren’t bound by their little bitty egos, eagerly seek opportunities to work with this man and benefit from his experience.

This is one of my favorite conversation of 2014, OG and I spoke on everything from family, community, the senseless murders of American citizens by those sworn to fight for and protect our rights to be…American…talk about betrayal from “Big Brother.”

Check out the great interview and let us at The Hype Magazine know your thoughts on this very in-depth and gritty interview with one of the leaders our youth and communities so badly need to hear!


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