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Published on September 5th, 2014 | by Daja Marie


Yerise Channels ‘The Icon’ Presenting an “Eyeful” of this season’s

Visionary, Corey Woods will be releasing his latest collection of luxury eyewear on September 4. Embarking on an excursion around the globe for the ocular purpose of purchasing the most multi-faceted monocle materials, Corey Woods returned to his Parisian YERISE factory. Consulting with only the head lab technician at the YERISE factory, Corey wielded his unspeakable designs on paper into physical prototypical perfection. When the construction neared conclusion, the materials he purchased months before were delivered from a myriad of exotic places around the world. When he finally unlocked the door to admit the other YERISE technicians into the private room, edges of sunlight flickered effusively, and they stammered inside. Each one marvelled at the lorgnette newborn that would one day YERISE! Inspired by the architectural structure and bold stance of the famous Parisian landmark, the Eiffel Tower, the YERISE Eyeful Tower Collection captures the aura of created beauty and power by melding those elements into a collection of frames that radiates the inner icon within everyone.

“I have always been a creator. From my inception into this world, I have revolved around my own creative core. The core is comprised of an eclectic, artistic, imaginative, and productive nucleus that spawns original output. My inspiration to birth a luxury eyewear company comes forth from an internal deep-levelled well of virtuosity,” says Woods.

Corey Woods is known to create exciting fresh new eyeglass and sunglass styles and colors. Woods has created unique luxery eyewear that has graced the faces of such celebrities as Anna Wintour, Amber Rose, Kimora Lee Simmons, Loren Ridinger, Kim Kardashian, P.Diddy, Lori Greiner, Kanye West, Pitbull, Jamie Foxx, Kelly Ripa, Christina Milian, Soulja Boy, Beyoncé and many more.

For more information about YERISE please visit http://shop.yerise.com/

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