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Published on November 1st, 2014 | by Jameelah "Just Jay" Wilkerson


Syleena Johnson: …23 Years Later

You wrapped up a very controversial season 3 of R&B Divas: Atlanta — Are you happy that that’s all over and done with, at least for now?

I am very happy season 3 of R&B Divas: Atlanta is over. I hope that we all can move on from the drama of this season.

That being said, will you be back again next season? And if so, is there anything you’d like to do different or see change in the next installment of the series?

I will be back for season 4 of R&B Divas: Atlanta, if they want me to. One change that I’ve had a conversation with production about is the “Divas” being involved with the editing of the musical performances.

Now truthfully, and because it has been billed as 100% unscripted television, is that truly the case with R&B Divas: Atlanta?

Yes, production never tells us what to say or do.

In addition, you semi-recently dropped a brand new single entitled “My Love” — Tell me about this track specifically? How did it actually come to fruition?

Pierre Medor [a.k.a. The Maven of Tha Corna Boyz production team] thought this song would be perfect for me. Lyrically, it is the theme of the album. It says that love can stand the test of time.

“My Love” comes courtesy of you long overdue, next studio collection, Chapter 6: Couples Therapy, your first solo record since 2011’s …Underrated — Why such a lengthy delay between projects? What seems to have been the hold up?

There was no hold up. I moved, released Acoustic Soul Sessions, the reggae duet album “The Nine Project” [stylized 9ine] with Musiq Soulchild, and recorded Chapter 6:…, all while filming R&B Divas.

How then does …Couples Therapy either differ and/or compare to previous Syleena Johnson efforts?

I don’t compare them. They were all written from different times in my life, so they cannot be compared to each other. However, I can say that Chaper 6:… drew inspiration from my “live” performance.

During the course of the show, it appeared that you would be inking with Wayne Williams and R Kelly’s burgeoning new imprint Astronauts, but apparently that’s not the case now — How come?

The business side of the collaboration didn’t pan out how we wanted.

What particular string of events then led to your current signing with Blackbyrd Entertainment?

My sister/manager [Dr. Syleecia Thompson] knew Greg Baker. She sent the project to him and he loved it. Greg is amazing because he believes in the music and he believes in the Syleena Johnson brand. I guess one man’s loss is another man’s gain in this instance.

Longevity, what do you attribute yours to?

I have had longevity in my career because I am constantly working, constantly creating and paying attention to what my fans want.

Do you have any other additional/outside aspirations, maybe even completely away from entertainment?

Some of my other aspirations outside of the entertainment industry include; health/fitness, workout DVD’s and to expand my company, Shelean Health and Fitness.

Are you happy with the current state of R&B/Soul? And, as an extension to this question, where exactly do you “fit in” when it comes to the overall sound-scape of today’s trending music?

There’s nothing wrong with R&B, it’s just not getting the spotlight it deserves.

How then have you either changed and/or evolved since your whole inception into music?

Since I’m a writer who writes from my personal experiences, as I have grown as a woman, naturally I’ve grown as an artist as well.

To date, what has been your biggest career moment, at least so far anyway?

I don’t have a biggest career moment. Every moment in my career is BIG to me. I am just happy that I’m still able to do what I love 23 years later.

What’s next for you, Syleena?

Chapter 6: Couples Therapy, and the amazing visuals I have created to go along with the album.

Is there anything I left out or just plain forgot to mention? And lastly, do you have any “parting” words for our readers?


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