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Interview: Dean Perretta Meets ‘ Status London’

Welcome to the life of a dreamchaser. ‘Status London’ star, gifted poet (credits include Poetry Luv and Flo), accomplished personal trainer (four years experience of training everyone from professional athletes, young teens to seniors), and acclaimed British light heavyweight boxer, Sebastian Eubank, has the uber-courageous heart and thoroughbred pedigree of a bona fide true champion both in and outside of the ring, with a motivational mantra that is seemingly contagious to those that the positive 23-year-old encounters on a daily basis; Sebastian Eubank’s father is the legendary former WBO super-middleweight Champion, Chris Eubank, and is the brother of the prodigious, Chris Eubank Jr (19-18-1). However, Sebastian Eubank – with all due respect to his iconic father -has fought being compared to the great legacy of that of his father, and is intent of blazing a mighty trail and identity of his very own with rich determination and natural talent.

In this edition of Dean Perretta meets Sebastian Eubank to ultimately touch on the 23-year-old’s success with brand new reality show ‘Status London’, the intense training in relation to Eubank’s bout on December 5, and being a natural leader in a world of followers. In the trademark words of Eubank himself, ‘consistency over everything’.

The talented Brighton-born athlete-entertainer is a multi-faceted individual whose inspirational tale is one of rising above and daring to dream the unimaginable; the precocious Sebastian Eubank commenced his boxing career in 2011 aged 20 after sustaining an debilitating injury whilst competing in the Dubai Rugby 7s 2010 tournament. Eubank’s boxing achievements include claiming the Haringey boxing Championship title in 2012, and becoming the honorific Southern County Champion 2014; the enlightened media personality also aims to conquer the ABA open class this season, which in turn Eubank believes will invariably lead to getting scouted for the Great Britain development team, thus qualifying the ever-focused boxer to compete in the Rio de Janeiro Olympics 2016 representing Great Britain.

At the top of our awaited discussion, which had been re-arranged due to scheduling conflicts, Sebastian Eubank intricately explained how ‘Status London’ was the unique brainchild of British creative, Sade Salami, and that the eleven episode reality series was partially scripted, yet a heartfelt vehicle to officially enable viewers to believe in dreams coming true as much as marveling at the daily journey of the ‘Status London’ cast simultaneously. Following the lives of eight Black London-based media mavens, Sebastian Eubank and ‘Status London’ co-star, DJ Melody Kane, whom Eubank shares a property with in Streatham, talks professional business matters in the inaugural ‘Status London’ episode, with the renowned SB.TV official DJ suggesting that the ever-ambitious Eubank cordially reach out to award-winning international promoter, Mr. Play; Eubank subsequently meets the Brixton-born entrepreneur in the second episode of ‘Status London’ to discuss the creative direction of his blossoming career as a poet and an MC.

The complexed Eubank stressed of the unique personalities involved, which essentially translates to an entertaining ten minute weekly dosage of urban entertainment in the form of ‘Status London’. Eubank is a young man of great humility, infinite wisdom and intellect when engaging thoroughly in articulating the values of his own life, unmatched mindset and overall discipline. Training intensely twice daily is a cornerstone fabric of Eubank’s routine, which encompasses swimming, uphill running, lifting weights, cadiovascular excercises, utilizing punch bags with controlled warrior-like aggression and firmly adhering to a strict diet that maintains an impressively svelte physique alongside keeping superb performance levels intact.

When the question was posed regarding the most charismatic character in brand new reality series ‘Status London’, the Brightonian added that it was none other than the unmistakable presence of celebrity makeup artist and photographer, Mr. Gorgeous; Mr. Gorgeous is a largely compelling and colorfully eccentric character – hence the red suit sported at Mr. Play’s exclusive pyjama party in London – who exudes overacting television drama theatrics in a subdued and detailed reality show, which is a dichotomy and refreshing introduction simultaneously for the flamboyant and over-the-top personality.

The star-studded ‘Status London’ event premiere was situated at an exclusive venue in central London, and witnessed its eight talented stars dressed to the nine’s and exhibiting a radiating presence before photographers who longed to capture pictures of the ‘Status London’ personalities. ‘Status London’ has a plethora of larger-than-life and inspirational personalities from Bang Radio presenter Amanda Star, Capital Xtra host Jade Avia, award-winning international DJ Mr. Play, Mr. Gorgeous, and Siobhan Copland. However, Sebastian Eubank unequivocally issued that the most inspirational and motivational person of them all was Nike UK DJ, Melody Kane, courtesy of her undying work-rate, passion for her craft, and willingness to accept more from life itself; Melody Kane performs live routinely throughout early hours of the morning when many creatives are sleeping, and has remained down-to-earth and amiable.

Eubank eloquently spoke of how Mixed Martial Arts athletes should be paid in the same region as professional boxers on the very basis of the equally intense training in which octagon combatants undertake; the training process in Mixed Martial Arts is in general more intense than the showdown itself. Eubank spoke highly of the sport with poise and class, as much as professional boxing, which is a rarity for alpha male athletes who compete in either of the sports.

The ‘Status London’ entertainer remains very modest to a fault and is self described himself as ‘righteous’ when asked regarding three words which associate with the athlete-entertainer; Sebastian Eubank is man of tremendous faith, with boxing in his bloodline and the drive to rightfully continue to Eubank legacy for many years to come. Eubank is Brighton made, but he without question ‘Status London’.

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