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Published on December 23rd, 2014 | by Jameelah "Just Jay" Wilkerson


Special Guest Article: “HIP-HOP or PRAISE & WORSHIP” That Is the Question

I came into the true knowledge of Christ for myself in 1999 in Fairbanks, Alaska. This was the point in my life that everything changed about ME including the music that I listened to. I remember cracking all my secular CDs and life was no longer a big party, but CHURCH as usual. Praise and Worship was now my only choice of music that I forced on my children as so many Christian parents do. I didn’t realize that I was the church so I became institutionalized, religious, and judgmental like so many others even though I was still different from those that I admired and looked up to. I saw the many injustices that many were accustomed to, I believe, through the eyes of God. No, I am not proclaiming to be God, but there is a realm of the spirit all of us can succumb to if we only BELIEVE. It’s for every believer, not just for the pastor or those in ministry. We can all hear God for ourselves if we have a relationship with Him.

Like so many, I love music and have always loved music, but many of us have been forced to decide what type of music is best for us once we say we are saved from sin. We go around and quote scriptures like “Me and my house will serve the Lord” even when malice is in our hearts or provoking our children to wrath. I was first introduced to Praise and Worship at a COGIC church in North Pole, Alaska. This style of music was something that tapped into my spirit man and ushered me into the presence of God like never before. Often times, I would find myself on the floor crying and weeping before God just because He was God. I would remember all the things He delivered me from, past and present. I was changing drastically in many ways, good and bad. I found God, but I lost myself like so many people do. Religion became confusing. Some people said do this and others said do that so I did what I thought was best. I became bound when God said that we could be free.


In 2010, I left the institution of church and wanted to walk out on God too because I felt like He forgot about me as many of us do. My deliverance now was on the dance floor with a margarita in my hand dancing to songs like MY CHICK BAD or LOVE ON TOP. I was now free. On my way to the club, I would always have a conversation with God because He’s always listening and I had much to say. I now know that I can take Him everywhere I go and that deliverance can come through any type of music. Words of many hip hop and R&B songs have gotten me through the next moment and even hour. These songs made me think and simply say, “God I thank you for who you are and where I am going.” If we can sing songs by down-low men over praise and worship ministries in the church house, surely we can sing hip hop music by men and woman who are living their authentic lives before us all. Lucifer is noted as the chief musician in heaven. Music can either sooth the savage beast or drive one mad. “Hip Hop or Praise & Worship” that is your question!

Cheron K. Griffin,
Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur
Creator and Executive Producer of the
Upcoming reality TV show “Preachers’ Exes”

– @cheronkgriffin

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