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Published on February 25th, 2015 | by Jameelah "Just Jay" Wilkerson


Exclusive Carmen Milian talks the business, Reality TV and the right man for her Featured

Geneva: You’re not just a mother, you’re a manager,  and a businesswoman whose beyond stamped this industry. When do you find time for you and to just take a breath?

Carmen Milian: With my busy work schedule, I don’t really have much “me time” especially during the week. Over the years I’ve learned to ignore my cellphone and emails on Sunday’s. I strictly make it family day. I start by attending church in the morning, I find choir music and listening to a great sermon is like food for my mind, body and soul, it strengthens my faith which then helps me understand my purpose. I know I walk away each time with a new perspective on my life, work and the world. Usually I spend the rest of the day with my family doing some sort of Sunday Fun-day activity like going hiking, the movies or cooking together, anything where we can all relax, laugh and have fun with no mention of work.

Now you have three beautiful daughters who have their own separate talents, was there ever a time when you felt there wasn’t enough time to be everywhere?

Absolutely!  There were times as a single mom where I wish I could’ve cloned or multiplied myself. I was constantly being pulled to be in two to three places at once. I would have to choose in some sort of order of priority which place I was needed the most, and trust me no matter what decision I made, I’m sure one of my three girls must have felt cheated of my presence at some point or time.  Between all their school activities, social life and their work in the entertainment field, I feel I did the best that I could for being out in LA with no family or a support team. I may have spread myself thin at times but with faith and prayer, I got thru it.

However your daughter Christina whose now moving toward making her own stamp on her music, in a different way. How hard is it to let go and trust your years of guidance?

Creatively Christina has always had a strong opinion about her sound and direction. The difference now is that she is choosing to be in the studio alone picking producers, her new direction of music and writing lyrics without my presence in the studio.

For this new album she felt like she wanted to do it completely on her own accepting responsibility for all her creative choices. It took a little getting use to for me but I stepped back and I’m watching her do her thing. I still continue to help guide and consult her on the business side of the business and just like the rest of the world I’m excited to hear the results of her hard work and creativity.

“Christina Milian: Turned Up” reality TV show, were you all ready for a reality TV show filming your lives?

No one is ever ready for wearing a microphone that’s recording you all the time or having camera crew follow your every move 12 or more hours a day, lol. It was difficult at first for all of us, even for Christina who is use to being in the lime light.  You can’t really do too many personal things while you are filming and if you choose to do anything private then it’s going to be included in your story-line that day. Whether it’s a personal phone call with your significant other, or you if you need to speak to your accountants or lawyer…it all gets recorded while you’re working. But we did enjoy spending more time together as a family while we filmed.

What’s the key advice you gave to your daughters about this industry?

The best advice I’ve given my daughters is to stay humble and treat everyone with mutual kindness and respect. Be good to everyone on your way up because you will see the same people on the way down. That studio runner, receptionist or personal assistant that’s fetching you coffee now may just become the president of the company someday where you may just be hoping to get hired from one day! Whether you are qualified for the job or not they are definitely going to remember how you treated them and how you made them feel.

What’s your biggest goal destination for 2015, what’s the mark you want made on this year? 

One of my biggest goals for me to reach in 2015 is to continue to work as hard as I can towards building the Milian Family empire along side all my three daughters. For so long it was just Christina and I working on the family dynasty and now I feel Lizzy and Danielle can also have a hand in helping to building the legacy. We are trying to leave that legacy for the next generation of the Milian’s. I’m hoping that with the popularity of our reality show and the exposure will giving us, that it will open up doors and opportunities for my other daughters so they can also fulfill   their goals and dreams. Liz has always wanted to open up a restaurant and is presently writing a cookbook. Danielle has been working on developing hair products for mixed girls and also hopes to open a chain of hair salons one day. I pray that Christina’s film and music career will continue to flourish and that her other ventures like her clothing line “We Are Pop Culture” takes off this year.

I hope and pray that God gives me the health and strength to continue to do great business and that our family businesses like Viva Diva Wines and Shelby Star continue to grow and succeed.

The industry has changed a lot, and many times it’s hard dating in the business. Whose the ideal mate for Carmen Milian, what would it take for a man to catch your attention?

The type of man that gets my attention is confident, smart and funny. He must be God loving and God fearing. Family oriented is a must, my family means everything to me so I hope he would mutually feel the same about his.  At my age he should be successful by now, I’d love to hear that he’s ventured in more then one career choice, that means he likes change and challenges like me.  I’m a talker so I appreciate someone who’s into conversing and loves story telling as much as I do. I’m hoping he’s a world traveler like me but also enjoys the beauty and simplicity of a nature walk. Basically he needs to be mother approved, lol. I want my family to love him as much as I do because I’m Latina which means I come as a package!

I’ve watched the show and your not just the mother your also best friend to your daughters. Was it hard sometimes being away on the road away from the other two?

It was difficult for all of us when Christina and I were on the road touring. We missed each other terribly. I would leave the girls with one of my best friends Caryn to watch over them. Even though I called and checked on them, I know it still wasn’t the same for the girls to not have there mom around all the time during those awkward teenage years.   But I did my best to make it up to them when I was home, trust me teenagers love nothing more then to take their divorced parents on guilt trips to the mall!

You’ve been in this industry a longtime who do you think could make a comeback today and be successful?

I don’t want to call out any particular artist or actress because it would suggest that I think their career has been over but I do believe all artist and celebrities hit a peak at some point in their careers, some sooner then others. It’s not because they stop being talented but simple because times change so quickly and you basically have to be ahead of game in order to always be caught up. This new young generation loves instant gratification and has a very short attention span. They move on to the next hot thing and don’t care look back.

Only because an artist’s name is not being spoken about in the tabloids or it’s not “trending”, it does not make them a has-been or irrelevant. They may quietly still be selling out concerts or may have a a #1 best selling book on the shelves that are all being supported by their fans and the best thing about fans is their loyalty. They are the people who are going to continue to buy your new records, your greatest hit albums and you autobiography. That’s why it’s important to love your fans as much as they love you.

If you could have Christina collaborate with any artists right now,  who would it be and why?

I would love Christina to collaborate with artist like a John Legend, Alicia Keys, or Bruno Mars. I think both all three artist write and produce great love songs with meaningful lyrics that are classic and iconic. Christina is also a very talented writer so I can see them all writing something beautiful and melodic. Right now could use recording a nice simple song accompanied by a only one instrument like a piano or an acoustic guitar that way the music can showcase her voice and she can truly be heard.

What’s the biggest misunderstanding about dominate women in this industry, and have the roles of power shifted for the best?

I think the biggest misunderstanding that people have with dominate women in this industry is that they sometimes consider us bitchie or difficult to work with. The truth is that we like to stand our ground for what we believe in and most of all we don’t like people trying to get over us.  I personally take offense to people who think we’re not intelligent in our own field and think we base our decisions on our emotions . Well speaking for myself I make my decisions from educating myself (because I believe knowledge is power)

I mix in good old fashion common sense and of course my gut feelings. I don’t feel like everyone has to love me in this industry but they definitely need to give me mutual respect.

What are your  top 5 must have’s in your day to day?

1. Coffee

2. My cellphone & my computer for work

3. I call my kids everyday because I need to know that they and my grand-kids are ok and to tell them I love them.

4. Ice – I drink tons of cold water with it, plus I like to chew it.

5. TV or social media for a little while every night before I go to bed to get my mind off of work.

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