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Published on April 21st, 2015 | by Daja Marie


Onyx XOXO Custom Ear Cuffs: The Best Thing Since Pierced Ears!

Be bold.  Be authentic.  Be empowered.  Be creative. Be YOU.  Onyx XOXO Custom Fashion Designs was founded on the idea that every girl shouldn’t just break out of the mold, she should make her OWN mold.  Their new Home Sweet Home Collection features their stand out piece:  Music-to-My-Ear Cuffs.  Definitely not your run-of-the-mill accessory, each ear cuff is handcrafted with fine textiles of supple leather and mixed metals like brass and sterling silver.  The leather tassels come in rich hues of teal, white, black and shades of brown while the metal cuff itself is textured by hand and adjustable for a custom fit.  The soft leather is paired with a chain and spike creating a standout combination. Because the cuffs are meticulously designed by the founder and creator Danielle Carter herself, each piece is as unique and original as the girl who is wearing it.   Each individual cuff retails for $150 via their website at www.inlovewithonyx.com.


When it came to style, indie artist and songwriter Danielle W. Carter (Dani W) was looking for her own funky vibe for on-stage live performance wear.   She decided to put her creativity to work and design jewelry pieces that made a statement.  As she integrated these pieces on stage and in every day wear, women started to take notice.  Their requests for Dani’s pieces evolved into her own jewelry line Onyx XOXO.  Dani, being of mixed heritage continues to connect with a broad multicultural audience.   Her complete line has been coveted among artists, musicians, songwriters and actors and now is available for every girl who likes to move to the beat of her own drum.

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