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Saturday April 25, 2015, Music Train Management held the “No Limits To What You Can Do” music auditions in Dallas, Texas. The event was hosted by K104 radio personality Chris Cole and Head of A&R for Music Train Management, Louie Maldonado. It was an incredible day for the select group of independent artists that signed up for the auditions and made it into the top 20. Out of 102 total contestants, the top 20 were invited to perform at The West End Event Center in front of the panel of celebrity judges that included legendary music industry executive Steve Lobel; K104 radio personality Kiki J; The Hype Magazine Editor in Chief Jerry Doby; Legacy Music Group owner Mathew Medlock; & Music Train Management CEO Tony Futch.

The event kicked off at 2:00pm with a full house of independent artists with their family & friends there to support. The auditions started off slow, but when the fourth contestant Arie Sky graced the stage, everyone knew the competition had begun! He was incredible, performing two of his own songs and displaying an image fitting of someone who belonged on the big stage with major artists. As he performed, you could just feel the excitement and when his performance was complete, he received a standing ovation, cheers, and a long round of applause from the crowd. The judges all gave very positive feedback as Arie kept an humble yet gleaming sense of confidence about himself.

Arie Sky, was followed by another very talented young artist by the name of Wrex. He was extremely lyrical and had great delivery, but was missing the distinct image that resembled a star. The crowd again gave a long round of applause. There were two more performances that really stood out as impressive out of the top 20. One being Jaeyar Houston who performed his very catchy song “I’m Back,” and the other being a hip hop collective, BMBG (Be Motivated By Greatness) which had an artist by the name of Dali Voodoo that single handedly sent the crowd and judges into an uproar of excitement with his singing.

When the performances were complete, the judges left the main room of the event center to deliberate and select a winner. The only issue was, they couldn’t decide between Arie Sky, who seems to be the complete package and Jaeyar Houston, who is extremely lyrical and displays an amazing image in his own right. Steve Lobel pitched the other judges and hosts on having a freestyle battle as a tie breaker.

When the judges re-entered the main room of the West End Event Center, they announced the tie breaker. Each artist having 60 seconds to impress the crowd and judges one last time. Jaeyar excitedly went first going extremely hard for the first 36 seconds before he displayed a befuddled look and announced he was done. Arie Sky spit a smooth freestyle with zero mistakes, for the entire 60 seconds.

The judges took a vote in front of the audience and it was unanimous, Arie Sky had won the first ever Music Train “No Limits To What You Can Do” music auditions. Arie was awarded a $2500 scholarship; national touring show with a major artist; The Hype Magazine feature article; Legacy Music Group studio package; & free consulting from Music Train Management. Stay tuned for the next “No Limits To What You Can Do” music auditions and keep an eye out for Arie Sky!

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