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Published on June 5th, 2015 | by Daja Marie


Clash On The Catwalk Dallas

I guess that you have ALL heard the great news!? Yes, It’s true that Clash on the Catwalk is going on the road. Nikohl Ray said, “Clash on the Catwalk was a success, the designers really brought it and the models showed up and showed out. We plan to hit other cities so that we can have one big show next year with all the winners from each city.” The Dallas show was only the beginning. But if you did miss the Dallas event, here is a recap…

These ladies really did it up from the valet parking service, to the red carpet and bar….when you walked through those glass doors, you knew it was going to be something epic. The vendors were friendly and everything they had was catered to pampering yourself. The decor was really classy all white and translucent. The industrial ceilings always make a runway look that much more major. Of course, I was judging and the waitresses…yes, I said they had waitresses… They made sure myself and the rest of the judges had a bottomless drink. And, boy were they on point. The crowd was drawn from all ages and walks of life and DJ Duffey was definitely popping. Her cape was bad and the crowd was moving like they were in a nightclub during happy hour!


I was super impressed by the caliber of models Dallas pulled out. The model competition was fun and I fell in love with the custom jeans they rocked by Thorobreadz Jeanz. But, all I could think was my favorite saying since I entered the Fashion industry, “Just because you have beauty, does not mean you are a model.” The winner, Ms. Tahsa O’so Fierce gave us life with her fun filled walk and way of learning her crowd. She took me back to the history of black models, where they danced to catwalk. I really enjoyed her and so did the crowd. I know you will love her story in the next digital issue…But let me tell you about the designers.


Rocky J: This woman is pregnant and still doing her thing. Don’t let that baby bump fool you, because although she didn’t win this competition, she is very edgy and on trend. The fact that she had pattern blocking swimwear that transformed from resort wear, well I was amazed. My favorite piece from her was her unique spin on a pink A-line dress with the translucent V neckline and tulle undercoat. With a little tweaking on her cut lines, she could win this thing next time around. I was truly impressed. I NEED a Rocky J custom design, and ladies, so do you.


Sambi Fashions: This lady has a knack for sewing. Everything was very well put together. I am a HUGE fan of plus Woman’s clothing these days. I often times find myself complaining on how they have ALL the good stuff these days. I wish that I could have seen more. Don’t get me wrong, because I love basics. But, in a fashion competition such as this, I wish there were more twist. I know you got it in you Sambi! Go with your first mind set, no holding back! My favorite piece from Sambi was the all white see through lace dress. I absolutely loved how it fits all of the right curves for the natural woman of 2015. The fact that it was interchangeable had me floored and in ah. I absolutely loved this dress. If only it were in my size. Plus size woman looking for comfort and sassy basics need to check out Sambi Fashions, you will be well put together and hugged in all the right places.


Foxx Mouton Designs: Forget the models rocking them designs, what about THAT HAIR! Babydoll came laced honey. What kind of hair is that Foxx? Okay, now back to that runway. I seen versatility at it’s best. I was taken to the beach, the club, the runway and the drag show baby. Everything was well thought out and different. I like the fact that it was all over the top. My favorite was the go go dress. I loved the faux leather mixed with the platinum shine in the dress. The fact that it was quarter length sleeved with key holes and very short to show off those legs, that gave balance. This is something that many designers tend to miss when doing a mini that short. I suggest my club hoppers check out these designs because I know you want to stand out and be sure that nobody in the place to be, has your fit.


Katina Kouture Designs: If I had to describe this collection in three words…Classy in Paris! This collection was truly elegance. No, not elegant…elegance…if you were there, you get it. She used such intricate detail in every piece, from the tulle on the pant to the perfectly matching mini top hat for her short outfit. I felt the evening gown could have been a bit more grand with a long train and the cape sleeved/ sleeveless dress was something I had seen before…something I would purchase, but still a repeat. But, the two pieces that I mentioned before, this is where her fight came in. This lady has a niche for upscale clothing. I attend a lot of events in which I will need items like these and the high fashion business woman is in need of a line like Katina Kouture Designs. I am in need of a line like Katina Kouture Designs.


Kosha J: Think Desi takes Hip-hop! Every color that she touched the runway with during this event was very on trend. She was the only designer to incorporate male fashion in her set and she truly nailed it. Blue has been and will continue to be one of the hottest colors for males going further into this Fall. With apricot being one of the hottest colors this Summer, I can see her evening gown being a big hit, not on the red carpet but for Prom this year and next. Her hot pink and black outfit with the rhinestones, mesh and bows would make any young Desi girl go nuts but most importantly the color is so vivid and the detail is so bold; I would put this on a professional dancer immediately. It’s truly eye grabbing. My favorite piece from Kosha would have to be her red and gold trousers. I wasn’t a big fan of the shirt but those pants are something I need on my body for my next red carpet event.

Last but most certainly not least….I mean, this is the young lady who won it all!


LHP Revive: This young lady is ready for the majors! Her fur half jacket with the faux leather, translucent material and chains…that had the judges, including myself, like wow! I seen the lace cap sleeve, quarter length sleeve dress and said she went from urban/ streetwear to couture/ evening wear and did it with perfection. After that I said okay I wonder what’s next…I knew in that moment that this young lady won the competition. My favorite was the reasoning of her victory. Her orange ensemble was most definitely a New York Fashion Week competitor. With apricot hues being the colors of the Summer going into Fall, she is sure to capitalize. From the material, to the cut lines, to the matching graffiti bag with denim pocket, all the way down to the graffiti shoes and polarized shades…this girl had perfected this outfit in entirety. If she makes, no, WHEN she makes an entire Fall collection based off of this outfit, it has no reason why it should not be placed in ALL of the top fashion weeks/ shows. We need someone like LHP Revive to come and revive some of these “so called” top designers’ inspiration again. I can’t wait to put her story in the next issue of The Hype. She is up next and her name is Sheila Hamilton.

As I stated in the beginning, these ladies are going on the road and to keep you informed they have a website coming soon by none other than our very own Just Jay at THM Media Group. They will also be giving away another scholarship for designers in each city they visit. And, due to the previous scholarship recipient being unable to meet the requirements, the ladies will be awarding the scholarship funds from Dallas to the winner in Atlanta. If you are an aspiring Fashionista/ Fashionisto, email [email protected] This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for qualifications and more information.

Catch up with these ladies via their social networks (Twitter & IG: @nikohlray, @pinkandblackdiamond). I hope you enjoyed the show from all of my recapping. If you have an event that you would like The Hype Magazine to participate in or attend, email [email protected] This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with subject Red Carpet Experience or The Hype Magazine Appearance. Thanks for reading!

Written By: Daja Marie

Photo Credit: Levi Hicks / @lt_hicks


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