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Published on June 20th, 2015 | by Jameelah "Just Jay" Wilkerson


Interview: WatchTheDuck

Greetings, it’s an honor speaking with the dopest emerging artists WATCHTHEDUCK, how are you?

Eddie: Blessed and Highly Favored…thanks for asking Jesse: God is good!

Your in a highly anticipated movie which came out June 19, “DOPE”! Can you tell me how casting your music came about?

Eddie: we actually just heard this story for the first time ourselves last week. We just found out that Pharrell Williams was pushing for this song to be in the movie before they even had a finished script for the movie. Now how Dope is that!

Jesse: It’s great to know that a person we respect as much as Pharrell would even think about us to be in a movie he produced.

You recently sat down with Revolt TV for an in-depth conversation, as well as dealing with an exploding fan base. What’s WatchTheDuck, and why are people joining the pandemonium?

Eddie: WatchTheDuck is how we hear music. We want the music to be louder than how we look, what we’re wearing, or our personal lives. I hope people are gravitating to it because it represents what a great night out sounds like to them…

Jesse: We come from a studio background, so to us the music is more important than an image. The sound of a culture. A culture that can’t be defined by old stereotypes. Everybody sees a duck swimming on top of the water but nobody pays attention to how hard his feet are kicking….everybody is too busy Watching The Duck….

Besides the movies, it’s still summer time, do you have meet and greets, or appearance stops for the fans?

Eddie: For the most part this summer we are in the studio recording 2 music projects at the same time. Before we get out on the road we just want to empty ourselves of all these sounds and inspiration that’s been building up so that we have to go out into the world, perform, and refill on inspiration again. Our dates are set to start again in the fall. For now we’re doing unannounced pop ups at places here and there to test out the sounds we’re finishing now.

Jesse: Ditto

WatchTheDuck on tour who would you want on tour with you?

Eddie: We just like a nonstop party!! I want to tour with anyone who’s trying to create an emotion-shifting experience! For example that tour lineup would like Kanye, Skrillex, Peaches, Prince, with us opening ?

Jesse: And one show with OutKast lol

“Make Love To The Beat” your latest released single, it’s funky yet very Hip-Hop! Where does your creativity aspire from?

Eddie: It aspires from Life and all the thoughts running through you’re head that you want to just scream out loud. Don’t ever just dance….you gotta make love to the beat

SXSW you’ve blazed countless stages at the grand music festival! What’s it like Every time you preform?

Eddie: It’s just like Sex. I’m super excited to start but I’m really trying to pace myself and not let it end too quick or last too long while reading the other people to make sure they get off…I really hope they do…but either way I will! And when it’s over I’m going to need a towel

Jesse: Performing is the ultimate high! There’s nothing like seeing ppl react to something you’ve been jamming to for a long time… makes a man feel less crazy lol

In the movie “DOPE” your EDM single “Poppin Off” is featured, why was that song such a great fit?

Eddie: It fits because the characters in the movie do not fit their society-driven, typical stereotypes. Minority kids living in the hood who are into bit coins, retro 90’s, book smart and just cool at the same damn time. You described Poppin Off as our “EDM single” and it is…but isn’t also soul, hip hop, electronic, dubstep, funk at the same damn time?

Jesse: They put it in the perfect place in the movie!!! It made me love the song even more

Social media, everyone is on it and says it’s addicting. Are you always on your social media craze too or not as much?

Eddie: It’s the gift and the fckn curse. As an artist it allows direct access to express yourself without having to go through the old school approvals from traditional, powerful gate keepers of media reaching the public. That’s the gift! On the curse side it’s just too much fckn information all day everyday. I really miss mystery and silence and being left to my imagination of who someone really is. I fight with the thought of deleting all of our accounts everyday

Jesse: Never really been big about social media…not that I have anything against it, but other than instagram (which is my guilty pleasure) I kinda miss real word of mouth and imagination. I feel like I know too much about ppl I’ve never even met!

What should current and future fans take from your music?

Eddie: Be Free. Love hard. Have fun like no one’s watching

Jesse: Find your limit…then reach beyond it

Can we get a sneak peek into some projects in the works?

Eddie: we’re working hard to challenge our imaginations through music…we’re blessed to have had this time to really create the exact sound we’ve been imagining in so many new songs. We also have some great new collaborations with artists who we are bigfans of…it’s almost like a genie granted our entire collab wish list! You won’t have to wait much longer to hear it all I promise!!

Thanks so much for this opportunity, congrats on the movie, new hit single! Anything you’d like to add in closing to your fans?

Don’t watch me, WatchTheDuck

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