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Nyemiah Supreme: Supremacy Season

Tell me your whole inception into music — When did you first become interested in it? And actually, how did it all begin for Nyemiah Supreme?

I’ve always loved music. Hip-Hop just spoke to me and surrounded me through dance, riding to school, TV — It was everywhere! After background dancing, I realized I should be in front of the person I was behind.

Now you are a native of Jamaica, Queens, New York, correct? So growing up there, who all did/do you consider to be your strongest musical influences?

My musical influences came from all over, not just Queens. But at the (same) time, G-Unit and Dipset mix-tapes were my full music catalog as a teenager.

How would you describe and/or define the style of music that you create and perform?

I am a Hip-Hop artist. I rap, I sing, I dance, I perform — I bring that full package that artists like Missy (Elliott) and Aaliyah had in the ’90’s and early 2000’s. Making the audience wanna be right with you on stage, and having them feel every single emotion possible.

Initially, as you already mentioned, you got your professional start as a back-up dancer for high-profile acts; such as, Chris Brown and Lil Mama, right? So how then did the whole transition from dancer to emcee actually come about?

I stopped dancing went back to college and got a job. I was so in love with being on tour dancing, I knew entertainment had to be a part of my life forever. While teaching dance at an after school program at Grant (Houses) projects in Harlem, I got a call to interview to be Juelz Santana’s assistant. Working around him and his team inspired me to pick up the mic and do my own thing.

From there, like you just said, you somehow managed to hook up with Santana and Dipset, where you later made your “official” debut on a Jim Jones’ track, am I right? So can you tell me about this specific connection and exactly how it happened?

I saw Jim in Queens doing promo for a mix-tape he just put out. I told him I was rapping and doing my own thing. He told me to come through and record at his studio, and it was history from there! He put me on the hook of “Everybody Jones,” and that was my first time in a video on MTV, 106 & Park and featured on an album. After that, I started building what is now Nyemiah Supreme.

With that being said, what particular string of events then led to your eventual linking with Timbaland, who ultimately took you “under his wing,” so to speak?

Two years of non-stop working, mix-tapes, tours and promotion, lead me on my way to Timbaland. Ironically, a rescheduled Sneaker Pimps’ show, and Timb just so happening to be in town, is how it happened. My manager met him the night before, played him my video “Aim shoot” and he saw the vision. He had me come in the next day and start writing and laying down verses. I ended up recording my single “Rock & Roll” THAT NIGHT! It’s crazy and amazing to be taken under the wing of the best producer in music. Most of my favorite songs are produced by Timbaland .

How much of an overall impact has this working relationship with Tim had on your entire career, at least thus far?

It has changed my life. It’s hard to be embraced as a girl in Hip-Hop, so having him stamp me has helped me climb a little higher on the respect scale. If Timb says you’re official, you’re official!

In having said this, what exactly has it been like working with such a legendary producer as Timbo?

Words can’t describe the feeling. Most times, I’m nervous and scared working with someone so genius in music. I never wanna mess up or write a bad line. So, it pushed me to be on my “A” game at ALL times!

Which brings us to “now”…It’s recently been reported that you are an integral cast member of this forthcoming brand new reality show Sisterhood of Hip Hop, which is being executive produced by T.I. — How did you even become a part of this upcoming Oxygen series?

About two years ago, Oxygen reached out to me to be a part of the show. They saw my videos online and thought I was dope. At the time, I was struggling trying to be noticed in Hip-Hop and I felt like everyone had their back turned (on) me. I almost wanted to quit because all I was getting was “no” after “no.” But, having Oxygen and Timbaland seeing the NYEMIAH SUPREME vision let me know I was doing the right things.

Although it has yet to air, what can actually be expected from the first season of this very promising sounding television vehicle?

You will see five girls trying to make it in Hip-Hop, and balance a personal life at the same time. We all do the same thing, but are totally different people. I know it will make fans stop viewing female rappers as either Lil’ Kim or Nicki Minaj –We are all DIFFERENT!

Truthfully, how are you and the rest of the ladies; Diamond, Brianna Perry, SIYA and Bia, actually getting along with one another?

For that, you will have to watch and see!

Because it has already been billed as a “reality” program, does that really mean that it is 100% unscripted TV?

No, it is all real life situations each girl goes through. My journey was real and life changing. I am truly a different person now.

Longevity, what are your future plans and/or goals for sustaining a lengthy career in music? 

Keep grinding, keep building and expanding. With time, I am only getting better, as well as my music. So, I’m ready to take this thing over…When I say thing, I mean the world!

Do you have any other additional/outside aspirations, maybe even completely away from music?

I’m starting my own business as we speak. I am an actress, creative director and I’m also putting together a dope team of girls who do their thing in entertainment called ‘The Supremacy!’ I love to surround myself with ladies who only wanna be great and better than yesterday. So look out for that!

On a more serious note, are you happy with the current state of Hip-Hop? And, even more specifically, women in rap, or the lack thereof?

I’m not happy with it. But, I think on the women (in) rap side, it’s getting better. More names are being said. They are listening to what we say, not just staring at our asses. That’s a step further than before.

To date, what has been your biggest Hip-Hop moment, so far anyway?

My biggest Hip-Hop moment has been releasing my single and video “Rock & Roll ” featuring Timbaland. That was my first official TV and radio release. I’m seeing and hearing myself and freaking out  like, “WTF!” But, it was exciting for my vision to come true.

Looking ahead, say five or even ten years from now, where do you see yourself?

I see myself musically established and still working. I see myself breaking barriers for females in the world, not just Hip-Hop. I’m here for the takeover — I’m running for president!

As for the immediate, what’s next for Nyemiah Supreme?

Music, videos, more music, more TV, fashion and pushing my ‘The Supremacy’ movement with my hype girl! It’s time to see females supporting other females.

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