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Published on July 18th, 2015 | by Dr. Jerry Doby


Live Session: Dina Wojowski of the LFL’s Atlanta Steam

Dina_Wojowski_LFLUS.comDina Wojowski has to be one of the most down to earth serious people I’ve had the opportunity to converse with! Her sense of humor in conversation, gives you no inkling of what her opponents experience from her OTHER side when she’s on the field. In her own words, she’s a bit longer in the tooth than most of the players in the Legends Football League however, her fire and passion for football has not waned over the past few seasons.

This year, Wojowski and her crew from the Legends Football League’s “Atlanta Steam” return to the finals this summer in Chicago against their rivals the Bliss. That segment of the conversation you will have to listen to…it’s priceless!

Wojowski, of Polish and Italian descent, has all the makings of an elite athlete, drive, determination and the love of competition…putting an opponent on their back…that satisfying “crack” of helmet and pads coming together, the “ooof” from a downed rival…these are the things she says keeps her coming back each year.

Keep up with Dina on Instagram @LadyLinebacker and make sure you tune in tonight on Fuse at 9pm Eastern / 8 Central as Dina and her Atlanta Steam bring the pain to the Omaha Heart as the prep for the conference finals in Chicago!

Normally, I don’t add the more daring pics from these players because I’d like to concentrate on their high level play on the field but Dina left me absolutely no choice in the matter! Listen to the convo and see why I added this pic! Hilarious!


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