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Published on August 14th, 2015 | by Jameelah "Just Jay" Wilkerson


Reliable Brother dance group expands on to the festival circuit

Reliable brother is a R&B/hiphop dance duo that lives in Charlotte, North Carolina.  They were inspired by Micheal Jackson, Usher and Chris brown


Sanwone and Santae Benjamin are known for being ,twin Rnb and hip hop dancers featured along side many of your favorite indie and major artist who also appear on the festival circuit often

They have toured with everyone from major to indie artist. Lighting up the stage with there unique looks! One obvious feature being that they are twins with strong african features though they were born here in the states.

Besides their unique look the skill set is definitely there and these two are taking no names and lighting up stages everywhere!  So be sure to be  on the look out for this up and coming hip hop dance duo!

You can connect with the reliable brothers here and be on the look out for their next perfomance Oct 9th and 10th at  one of the biggest events of the year! “The Breaking Convention”. Find them at the meet and Greet at 7:30 pm EST to take pictures and get a free autographed poster and cool Twin Nation Merchandise.

When asked what inspired them to become professional dancers the brothers  spoke openly

“Being a group was something that was never planed or thought about . we started dancing at a early age so being a group happened naturally.”

“Growing up watching Michael jackson on MTV and watching Usher and chris brown inspired us to dance.”

To see live videos of the guys perfomances check out their Youtube channel here!

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