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Published on August 22nd, 2015 | by Jameelah "Just Jay" Wilkerson


Andra Day goes for “Gin & Juice” with Raphael Saadiq

With her debut album Cheers to the Fall a little over a week way from its August 28th release, San Diego native Andra Day releases the acoustic visual for her “Gin & Juice.” Speaking with Hello Beautiful, the retro-soul singer reveals the inspiration behind the swooning song. “It’s about habits or vices you want to get rid of but you can’t, whether in a relationship or that thing/issue you can’t let go of.”

“Gin & Juice” is one of the album’s collaboration with Raphael Saadiq. “He was very nurturing with the songs I had created and became so close to with a fresh ear. He came up with the ‘Let go my hand, boy, let go my hand’ and I was like ‘let’s make this thing a person’ because sometimes it is a person. So it’s about telling that thing ‘let go of me,’ ‘you don’t have a hold of me anymore.'”




Just me and my thoughts
And some gin and juice
A little gift for myself that I bought
For years of scraping behind you
It wasn’t so bad though
You know I can say I learned a lot
Maybe better me than you though
But still why did I get caught

Don’t hold my hand boy
Don’t hold my hand
Let go my hand boy
Don’t hold my hand

In my ear I hear you whisper low
(Let it go, let it go)
Trying your best to excite me
(Move along, move along)
‘Cause you know you must leave me

More than one or two
Fiery nights broke out
So many times I ended up on
On the pavement
But now I’m crying out

Don’t hold my hand boy
Don’t hold my hand
Let go my hand boy
Don’t hold my hand

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