Modular, multi-functional eyewear with style

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Published on August 14th, 2015 | by Daja Marie


BÆNDIT Introduces Bendable Sunglasses

Modular, multi-functional eyewear with style

New unisex eyewear brand Bændit creates an industry first with its bendable and modular sunglasses. Not only can the shades bend and twist in any direction, but they are also customizable with interchangeable stems, nose pieces and lenses capable of over 100 different color combinations. Driven by innovation, Bændit fuses science and research with design and a cool factor to create its multi- functional approach to eyewear without giving up quality or style.

Founder and CEO of Bændit, Alex Schueli, came up with the idea for these uniquely strong and flexible sunglasses when traveling from the great outdoors back to business meetings in the city of Hong Kong, with a need for one accessory that works and plays as hard as he does, to bend to his multifaceted lifestyle.


Bændit’s patent pending structure and malleable yet durable materials allow for an entirely new eyewear experience. The custom-made S20 Revo mirrored lenses are incredibly strong, crafted from Thermoplastic Polycarbonate composite. Created to work in the toughest environments, these lenses provide high contrast viewing, filtering out UVA/UVB rays. The frames, made of new generation plastic titanium called TR-90 polymer, are lightweight, flexible and impact resistant.

Once bent, Bændit sunglasses always return to their original shape. When it comes to Bændit, flexibility takes many forms. Pieces are coated with a silicone layer, assuring an ultra-tight fit for wearing while active. They can also be worn loose to adjust to the user’s preference.

While not in use, they can be bent or taken apart to fit in a pocket; wrapped around the wrist, neck or hair; even used as a cellphone stand to play music. The stems can also fold under for comfort during longtime wear. Bændit’s hinge-less design brings endless possibilities, adapting to user’s needs.


Born from a need for flexibility and built with the help of a successful crowd-funding campaign in February 2015, Hong Kong-based Bændit is now selling its dynamic, bendable sunglasses worldwide. Baendit’s two debut collections, Ned Kelly and Salvatore Giuliano, are inspired by famous international bandits in history. For more information, visit

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