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Published on August 15th, 2015 | by Geneva Relf


Dave Berg, former Co- Producer of “The Tonight Show”

Dave berg


Dave Berg was a man who understood the news world, who had connections politically. understood his way around the newsroom but never tempted the entertainment late show industry, until by chance being fired and his wife pointing him in the direction of the Late Show with Jay  Leno! Dave Berg like many of us doubted at first the purpose of even applying for a co-producer spot in an industry he didn’t know really know anything about outside of research and knowledge. However call it luck or divine intervention but Dave Berg served as co-producer for Jay Leno for twenty-two years and some change, two decades successfully, It was his political connections that landed many of the known politicians in office on the Jay Leno show. However it was his direct connection to the President whom he knew and had booked on the show before when he was Senator Obama  running for office, and once again as President Obama.

His book “Behind The Curtain” is about working with Jay Leno and the show altogether from behind the scene from athletes to actors and music artist. We discussed how the late show’s have changed and adopted many things started way before Jay Leno, he educated on the fact the “Jay Walking” was done before Jay Leno but was under a different name. He also educated on how sometimes it was by chance a lot of things were done, how at first political figures were more commentary than guest. However he convinced Jay Leno to give it a shot and try it out, also when it comes to Jon  Stewart who recently retired from his show “The Daily Show” leaving the late show night club, Dave Berg had to tip his hat to him and give thanks. Inquiring if there could be a another Jon Stewart he replied as expected “No, they’ll never be another Jon Stewart”! He also gave insight on how he’s a fan of both Jimmy Fallon and Jimmy Kimmel but the conversation brought more attention to Fallon although he made it clear that both men have made their mark on the late show industry! You can keep up with Dave Berg whose still very much in touch with his political side, wouldn’t give took much away but has upcoming projects he’s very proud to  start putting into full motion!

Site:  www.getbehindthecurtain.com

Twitter: @TonightShowDave

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