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Published on August 15th, 2015 | by Geneva Relf


E.B. Wright The Daughter of Eazy-E




E.B. The Daughter of Eazy-E This week releases Straight Outta Compton the motion picture movie showcasing the rise of N.W.A and the leading members that made it the iconic among legendary movement through music know to date! Dr. Dre, MC Ren, Eazy-E, DJ Yella, Ice Cube all stood in a time when police brutality was a daily routine hassle. The movie shows how Eazy-E brought to the life the energy that glued N.W.A together, it was his vision to the world through lyrics how their world looked from their point view! Including the talents of close friends the bond of life grew closer as their journey to greatness was tested through the lyrics that came back with a price, but praise from those who understood the times they were facing ! Sat down to speak with the iconic Compton rapper Eazy-E’s daughter to get her point of view of the movie. Eazy-E unfortunately was present physically for the making of the movie, he passed away, unfortunately too soon, but his legacy is still strong in the hearts of true hip hop and rap heads everywhere! I asked E.B. Would her father be proud of the movie and how they portrayed him, she responded “Yes, I think he would be very proud, Dr Dre and Ice Cube, Director F. Gary Gray captured my father and gave him, his respect of his impact on N.W.A”, I was on set a couple of times and I could tell Jason Mitchell embodied my father! However, she wanted to set the record straight “The woman portrayed in the movie, isn’t my mother, even though my mother played a key role in my father’s life during the rise of the N.W.A, that woman was his wife before he died and after we were born. However a lot of people have asked if that was suppose to be my mom and no that’s not my mother”! I was curious and just had to ask her from what she could remember what was Eazy-E like she stated “Well, I was young, like really young when he died, I was four, but he was a happy, always smiling, and I have photos of him holding me and I remember my dad always being there.”


However her childhood wasn’t empty with a music industry mother who manages and kept her children rooted with humbleness. I also asked her if Eazy-E would ever get his full exclusive story told, not just the half clips in biography life behind the music stories or the aftermath of his death, but his life during and, before and after he passed how it shook the foundation of music at a time when it was begging for among the friend like brothers he would leave behind, not to mention the his children view. She said without pause ” Yes, great question we are working on a documentary now about our father! My mother has been working with us to get a lot of facts straight and to get the truth out there and to shed light on his life that many didn’t know about him” She’s also a music artist working on her LP however she wants the world to know “I’m not a rapper, I know being Eazy-E’s daughter I should rap but no I’m not a rapper” she’s worked with Snoop Dogg and DJ Quick in the past.


I figure she’d be a rapper but nonetheless her talent goes beyond the studio she grew up around the fashionista lifestyle of being the trendy one, so it’s only right she’s coming out with her own style and swag in caps like the kind her father use to wear and couldn’t be seen without at times. E.B. is a very bright spirit and you can tell that she has the same passion that stems from both parents to be great her father a trail blazer and her mother the power machines to get things accomplished! She’s managed to create her own using her NFL and NBA friends to create a sportswear line and the brand is being launched this month WEWANTEB for all who like the hottest gear!

I asked E.B. Could there ever be a movement like N.W.A again, and how powerful is social media to these movements. She stated ” Well, back then there was no social media, it was the music that drove the people, no there can never be another N.W.A, however social media has a way to give a movement life and can reach so many at once!”



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