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Published on August 23rd, 2015 | by Jameelah "Just Jay" Wilkerson


Hype Exclusive: Sham Ibrahim gets real with T-Pain at the Road to the VMA’s event

Sham Ibrahim has been popping up all over the scene and everywhere in between. So it was no suprise at all to see him gifting a famous Pop art portrait to Platinum selling recording artist T-Pain at T-Pain ABDC road to the VMA’s  event on the redcarpet in beverlyhills Friday night.

Ibrahim was his usual humble yet colorful and upbeat self when he approached the grammy winning artist to give him his portrait. Which T-Pain rejoiced in immediatly upon realizing the gift he was recieving from hollywoods now infamous “Pop art” artist.  Glady standing close to Ibrahim to pose for pictures with the painting.

A few moments into the glorious exchange and what could be the next great friendship since Thelma and Lousie Ibrahim calmly asked T-Pain what his thoughts were on homophobia in america today and why he thought that it was so present. T-Pain did not hold back.

The topic of homophobia has been on everyone’s minds lately whether they care to admit it or not. It’s hard to scroll through a facebook feed without seeing status supporting both sides, Sad world we live in really… When did acceptance become such a maybe I will maybe I won’t thing in society? How do we not just accept each other we are all human beings after all.




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