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Published on August 24th, 2015 | by Geneva Relf


Jonathan McDaniel : All Grown Up

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Jonathan McDaniel the client of the wonder-man himself Livio Harris whose known him since he was fourteen years old, and brought to him for management, from the start he knew that Jonathan was different with a lot of potential. He’s all grown up with a must watch talent, this young man has been everywhere with his first leading role in a star studded cast film. His big movie premiere featured the late Michael Clarke Duncan, Loretta Divine and Vivica A. Fox  “In The Hive” his first movie role alongside the industries biggest names. On set and off he received countless advice he’s never forgotten and has used in his very prosperous career to this day! His most noted role on a Disney channel network  was when he played the boyfriend of co-child star Raven Simone, then teenagers on “That’s So Raven” he played “Devon Carter” now all grown up he’s the very thrilling “German Vega” on VH1’s hit scripted show “Hit The Floor” on it’s third season! This young man isn’t just an actor he’s also a businessman, then when you think that’s all he’s also an artist no longer going by ” Lil J” he’s  grown and he’s matured his craft throughout the years with a hit single hitting the markets “Shots” is a the next big club banger, hold your breath the music video is about to be a party! He’s gearing up for new films coming out soon, no spoilers from me but he told me ” Yeah I did all my own stunts” and if you’ve seen his past work like many have then you know it’s about to be exciting and a total mind engaging movie from scene to scene, he was told by the late Michael Clarke Duncan to “Choose you roles wisely” and he has over the years taking roles that challenge him without changing him! Below the interview starts with his time being cast in the movie “In The Hive” that launched his career and molded him for the star he is on any project he touches!



Pic Clip from “In The Hive”


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