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Published on August 7th, 2015 | by Dr. Jerry Doby


Live Session: Producer Malik Yusef

The Hype Magazine gets one-on-one with five-time Grammy Award winner Malik Yusef to discuss his mission as a servant and his efforts to stand up in the forefront for the sake of justice and equality. “To whom much is given, much is required” is an adage the G.O.O.D. Music producer lives by and his efforts are nothing short of stellar.

Not just a serious mind, Malik shared a few funny moments from inside his work space with the likes of Diddy whom Malik describes as a humorous practical joker with whom one must be their toes. He shouts Diddy out as a perfectionist but acknowledges, he also knows how to have fun and make those around him relax. Aside from the “big leaguers” Malik gives us the heads up on a few upcoming artists he’s working with and we should know about.

An introspective mind and global awareness of the human plight, Malik recently released a striking visual for the remix of Kanye West’s “All Day” which Malik co-wrote. The video for the remixed version, addresses with vivid clarity day to day issues those NOT in power struggle with daily … against those in power who abuse it.

My most personally meaningful interview thus far in 2015…

A bit of background on Malik Yusef and his “All Day” remix:

With career accolades that include: Producer, Songwriter and 5 time Grammy Award winner, Malik Yusef now adds Director of Arts & Culture for the social justice or-ganization Hip Hop Caucus, to his credit. Having understood how deeply impactful grassroots organizations are in mobilizing around interconnected issues that our planet and communities face, Yusef, signed on early last year and agreed to partner with the Caucus and their efforts. Yusef’s first order of business was the Executive Production of the HOME album and the formulation of People’s Climate Music. HOME, a full-length LP the first of a joint production between Hip Hop Caucus & The Private Plane, (Yusef’s A&E agency) was created to serve as the soundtrack to the climate change movement and foster awareness around the foremost important issue effecting our world today. The project featured: Com-mon, Ne-Yo, Elle Varner, Raheem DeVaughn and Karmin to name a few. and was met with great suc-cess.

In an effort to keep the conversation alive in light of current events, Yusef, who himself has always been an outspoken champion for social justice introduces the “Negus Remix” of the original version of “All Day”, a song released earlier this year by Kanye West and which Yusef was also involved. Using the song’s already in your face lyrical impact, the remix links a broad base of issues from: police violence to the Black Lives Matter movement to now, climate change, which is emerging as a new battle for people of color. With lyrics that include:

How long they sit and watch you die, all day nigga
Yo PO watch yo momma cry, all day nigga
This shit don’t happen just to Chi, all day nigga
This shit, world worldwide, all day nigga
I’m a dismayed nigga, rockin’ winter clothes and this May nigga
Climate change real, this shit cray nigga

Yusef’s goal to weaves in a series of very timely topics plaguing the world and our communities at large. “This remix gives voice to the everyday realities many of the young African-American and people of color of this country have to endure all all day” says Malik.

Join me in my conversation with Malik Yusef as our conversation runs the gamut of subjects, it’s lively, informative and educational as well as fun:

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