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Published on August 22nd, 2015 | by Dr. Jerry Doby


Unsigned HYPE: Dotta


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When you hear it, you know it. You know that “it” that makes you physically turn up the volume. That “it” that commands you to pay attention to what’s actually being said aside from the melodious production of the the track. It’s the story being told that grabs you, the delivery that seduces you. Bar after bar confirmation you know Dotta is and has “it”.

The story of how and when Dotta fell in love with music was an easy but a matter of recognition and transition. “I used play semi professional basketball, so I was always listening to music on road trips and every team bus has a freestyle session type of thing that goes on at some point in time on a trip so having that kind of time and freedom to listen to what I wanted to at all times, music just always stayed around me. Then once I got older the music that was being made and put out stopped motivating me. I stopped liking it. As a fan I was frustrated. So I decided that I would make music that I would want to listen to.”

“Life is my biggest influence. As far as sound, I think the artist I grew up on play the part they are supposed to, which has and still is molding me into who I am as a artist. Notorious BIG, 2Pac, Eminem, JAY Z, Dr Dre, 50 Cent, DMX and a lot more, it’s a long list, which it makes for great music and makes me the last but my most important influence I can have.”

We live in an era where everyone knows someone who wants to be or claims to be “the next big thing” Dotta’s realization of how attainable became clear with self inventory “I sat down one day and listened to my music and compared it to what was out at the time and said to myself ‘you can compete’. Made some more music and compared it again and said to myself ‘you can be the new king of rap’. Now I listen and I say to myself ‘you know you’re The Black Mamba of Rap, right?’, and that really trips me out too. The fact I can say that. But yeah, that’s what happened. Ha.”

Many changes afoot not only by way of music, but also demographically Most recently relocated Los Angeles by way of Ohio. Dotta has a new finished project and ready to claim to claim his greatness. “My current project is titled ‘AQUARIU$ •’. It’s actually really good. Had a great time recording it and this whole spot I was in while this project was made was a great one. I believe the music reflects that also. I’m always a person of ‘let my work show you’ or ‘let my work do the talking’ but I am going to say that my album is going to change music as we know it and I know the world is going to appreciate what I bring to the table. Soooo… you should go download it! LMAO! *Shamless plug*……………….. but for real tho LMAO!”

“My music is art. So it’s all up for interpretation. If there was one thing that I would want people to get from my art it’s I hope that everyone hears that hip hop is not dead. It’s not gone. We also don’t have to settle for anything we don’t want to listen to. Hip Hop is here. It’s really here and it’s in all of us. I hope I’m just a vessel that shows real rap is still around and is gonna be here for a while.”


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