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Published on August 17th, 2015 | by Dr. Jerry Doby


Who Is: ApolloNightLA ‘Artist of the Week’ Jay Dub

JayDubThis ApolloNightLA “Artist of the Week” Jay Dub,  showcased that the grind is how you get ahead…If you don’t promote yourself and your endeavors, who will. That’s what I like about the ApolloNightLA Radio Show is they make the artists EARN the top spot…heavily based on work ethic. Gotta support that!!!

James Bell, also known as Jay Dub. A Dawson, Ga. native, is an graduate of the 2004 Class of Terrell Middle High School, where he started rapping as a class project for a grade and also performed it on the schools football field in front of other teachers and students. Soon after that, he came across his now and long time friend Controlis Price (Wyte Bwoi) and they started rapping and soon put together a group called The KillahBoyZ with CoDerick Sapp (Boom Sosa) and Greg Calloway (Young G) and they did tremendous things at a young age. Different shows from V12, Albany Civic Center, House Of Jazz, The Old Library In Dawson (Ga). They also traveled to the CNN Center in New York (Via) V The Boss to audition for 106 & Parks Wild Out Wednesday. He and The KillahBoyZ had accomplished so many things until they seperated and went their own ways, but still, they come together and go to the studio when needed. 10 years have passed and Jay Dub is still at it with his independent label Murk-A-Beat Inc with up and coming indie artist Big Money Guwop, Boom Sosa, & Asapp Prada. The now, Writer, Producer, Video Editor, Music Editor & Graphic Designer is taking things to a different level. It Has Just Started “Again” after winning “Artist Of The Week” on Apollo Night La on August 10, 2015.

From the outside looking in, who is Jay Dub?

A motivated, business minded individual, with a great head on his shoulders. A rapper/producer/writer/video editor/music editor has big dreams whether it’s in the music industry on a major level or on an independent level. he has the will and drive to make it happen, diabetes or not. no one but the man upstairs can stop my show

What brought you to music?

I’ve just always had an ear for music. It doesn’t matter what genre it is, I will listen to it.I love the beats and I love to hear “dope” lyrics.

Tell us about your current project and your ApolloNightLA “Artist of the wWeek” winning single “Make Dat”.

My current project, well Murk-A-Beat Inc’s current project is entitled “I’m straight”. We already have the EP available on datpiff.com under Jay Dub & Big Money GuWop “I’m Straight” which gives you a sample of tracks thats going to be on the 16 track album thats going to hit iTunes, Amazon.com, Google Play, etc. real soon. “Make Dat” was hot when we dropped the track & it will forever be that club banger that will get you out of your seat, grab a lady & get down. #thatzright!!

For new listeners, what song of yours would you pick as an introduction to you?

Hhmmm……man, man, man. the song(s) I would pick to introduce myself would be “Run It All” with Big Money GuWop for the homies, & “Bonnie & Clyde 2K15 for the ladies that want to #turnup!!

Last but not least, The Hype Magazine wants to know…what’s your craziest “where they do that at?!” moment…

My “where they do that at” moment goes to an ex that deserves it LOL. But it was about 7-8 years ago, my ex was tripping on a Labor Day holiday, everything’s going good, her mom’s chilling, her 3 sisters are chilling with their boyfriends at the time and I’m cooking on the grill.

Ok, so everyone starts joking around & my ex gets mad when I joked on her & she couldn’t take it. She got mad, tried to show out in front of everyone right?? I’m still doing my grilling thing, passed her the cigarette short, she pulls it a few times, puts it out & goes into the house. After everyone eats supper, we go out to smoke a cigarette, she whispers in my ear & says “I have to tell you something, but don’t tell my sisters.” I said “ok” SMH she actually fixed her mouth to tell me she passed gas & “messed” in her clothes. #lol #lol #lol

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