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Published on August 5th, 2015 | by Jameelah "Just Jay" Wilkerson


Who is DJ Ms. Hypnotique?

That’s My DJ: DJ Ms. Hypnotique

So bold, vibrant, and outgoing are just a few words to describe DJ Ms.Hypnotique. “A small town girl, with even bigger dreams” is what she calls it! A woman with so many goals, blessed with major talent; you can bet she’s on her way to the top.
DJ Ms.Hypnotique is not only a DJ, but an artist, and entrepreneur. She is the program director of Southern Xsposure Radio, formerly known as SCMRADIO.COM. Originally from Memphis, TN, DJ Ms.Hypnotique got her Deejaying start late in 2008 when she first stumbled upon DJ software through Jay Shields (the CEO of SCM) & her godfather. He took her under his wing and molded her to be nothing like society. Taught her how to stand on her own. And now they have an empire that’s expanding daily. She started as Dymond… This cocky girl with a voice stronger than any gospel singer but; had talent to Rap as well. As a DJ, Ms.Hypnotique used every opportunity as a learning experience for both business and personal growth. With no role model or coach, she saw different DJ’s and how they performed and she came up with her own style of sound and look. After a careful practice routine getting to know different genres of music, visuals of other DJ’s and how other’s portrayed them, she began to make a name for herself.

The million dollar question: Where did the name Hypnotique come from? “All the attention I receive from people.” I fed off the compliments and how people seem to be in awe of me! It was as if people were hypnotized. Not that I’m the most gorgeous woman on this planet!!! But, I liked that people noticed me. I enjoyed the attention. I find it funny when they speak to me then “stare” at me. Apparently my gaze is really serious.” –Ms.Hypnotique

Her talent is her gift. She’s proved that she has more to offer than just her looks and womanly curves. She’s been represented by some of the hottest names in this industry and still holds her own despite the obstacles that stood & still stand in her way. She’s now connected with Team Bigga Rankin & the Cool Running DJs, Coast2Coast Mixtape DJs, & more on the way! Her ambition has yet to be set to the side. She’s worked with great artist such as Rich Homie Quan, Rocko, DJ Scream, Bigga Rankin, Tony Neal …just to name a few. Her mixtapes can be found from state to state such as St. Louis, Atlanta, Texas, New York, and more. Music is her drive. “I can never get too upset because my anger drives me closer to my music. Some of my best songs & mixes were created from anger!! Music is INFINITE & it keeps me calm in ways no one would understand.” –Ms.Hypnotique

The term “Hypnotique” now had a meaning and she began to promote it. This was her baby, her new love interest! Ms.Hypnotique’s original goal was to become a successful DJ with a big name. But she still wants more; something that could embody her confidence and uncanny will to succeed. With all the titles she holds, Ms.Hypnotique is even more focused and driven than before. Through the ups and downs that will surely come her way, she remains faithful to Yahuwah, true to herself, and loyal to family/friends. “NEVER GIVE UP ON WHAT YOU REALLY WANT TO DO. THE PERSON WITH BIG DREAMS IS MORE POWERFUL THAN ONE WITH ALL THE FACTS.” –Ms.Hypnotique. She’s multitalented, destined to be great, and continues to grow daily.

DJ Ms.Hypnotique – www.djmshypnotique.com

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