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Published on September 8th, 2015 | by Jameelah "Just Jay" Wilkerson


Action Trailer & #MUST SEE MOVIE “Call Me King”

unnamedHollywood veterans team up with rising stars for non-stop action in sexy new crime thriller

Dark Energy Pictures via GVN Releasing (Distribution co.) will release its highly anticipated new action crime thriller Call Me King on Friday, Sept. 4, 2015 (in theatres, Cable VOD and digital),, starring Hollywood favorites Chris Mulkey (Boardwalk Empire, Captain Phillips) and Bill Cobbs (Night at the Museum, The Sopranos), international star Bai Ling (Crank: High Voltage) and rising stars Amin Joseph (Dope, The Expendables, Zane’s Sex Chronicles, Sister Code) and Maurice Whitfield (Big Time Rush). The action-packed Call Me King is a fresh take on the action genre that includes an international cast speaking over 10 languages, as well as gruesome fight sequences and high death counts. The film combines an art-action graphic novel mood mixed with a guns blazing theme a’ la Rock n Rolla, and unfolds in the international world of gunrunning centered on blood, loyalty, and power.


Call Me King is sexy, gritty and explosive and packs a literal punch. Seamless storytelling and superior acting make for a stellar silver screen experience from beginning to end. Call Me King is written, directed and produced by industry newcomer R.L. Scott (Shadow Motion Pictures) along with producer David A. Fisher (Fisherthoughts Media Group) and Executive Producer Amin Joseph (Dark Energy Pictures), who also stars in the film.

Joseph gives a standout performance as “Rhyis,” the older brother of “Khalil” played by Whitfield who are both members of an ousted Haitian dictatorship who immigrate to the U.S. Now as adults, the brothers are seeking to right the wrongs caused by their father “Knight” (played by Shaun Mixon) and assemble a kick ass four-member crew of gunrunners known as “The Strap Set.” Hollywood veteran Mulkey doesn’t disappoint with a memorable performance as “Angelo Costa,” head of the Italian syndicate who utilizes “The Strap Set” as his key enforcers.

Scott and Joseph are bringing a fresh new energy to Hollywood by combining their creative forces for the highly anticipated new film that appeals to action movie lovers nationwide. The theatrical version of Call Me King will be released on Friday, Sept. 4, 2015 in theaters nationwide, cable VOD and most digital platforms. Visit for more details about the film.

About Call Me King

“Call Me King” is the story of two young heirs, RHYIS (Amin Joseph) and KHALIL (Maurice Whitfield) members of an ousted Haitian dictatorship who immigrate to the United States. Now as adults, the brothers are seeking to right the wrongs perpetrated by their father KNIGHT (Shaun Mixon) by assembling their own four-member crew of gunrunners, “THE STRAP SET.”
The eldest brother Rhyis leads the team. His goal is to earn enough capital and power in America to return to Haiti and reclaim his birth rite. Khalil, the younger brother, handles the lion’s share of sales and distribution to foreign buyers. GRIMM (Sean A. Riggs) handles heavy artillery and deals with local distributors and ZHO (Jonathan McDaniel) is a lethal sharp shooter.
Rhyis answers to only one man… ANGELO COSTA (Chris Mulkey) head of the Italian syndicate. Angelo utilizes “The Strap Set” as his key enforcers. When the rules of the underworld are broken, these four men inflict punishment to the letter. Heavily armed with automatic weapons, lethal fighting skills, and the strategies of war… “The Strap Set” is locked, loaded, and intent on returning victorious to the docks of Port-Au-Prince Haiti.

About GVN Releasing

GVN is an independent distributor of crossover micro-targeted (urban/women/faith-and-family) feel good content. With its seasoned and sophisticated executive team having over 30 years of combined experience in the entertainment industry, the Company excels at the acquisition and exploitation of feature films suitable for theatrical, physical, digital, and television distribution. Specifically we target independent films that: (1) have significant social media relevance to the micro-targeted demographic; (2) deliver high production value; and (3) that can be released using our multi-platform distribution strategy.

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