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Published on October 22nd, 2015 | by Daja Marie


Hayari – A Singular Perfume Collection From Paris

Paris, the city of romance and fashionable women, will share the newest collection of fragrances with women in the United States. The fragrances come from the couture house of Nabil Hayari. Designed by one of the most distinctive Parisian fashion designers, the collection of three singular fragrant perfumes has been created for women who are drawn to the allure of elegant scents and who appreciate the concept of exclusivity.

Luxury defines Hayari couture creations. In his collections Hayari blends chic and elegance that celebrity patrons have sought out for their red carpet entrances. Nabil Hayari is regarded as the quintessential designer and now he links this glamour with the creation of breathtaking perfumes that capture the essence of his luxury brand.

The collection of Hayari perfumes has already become a favored scent of European women. Now, just in time for the holiday gift giving season, three distinctive and exclusive Hayari fragrances have landed in the United States. Each of the three scents “Goldy,” “Only For Her,” and “Broderie,” has its own unique personality. Each scent is numbered and bottled in faceted flacons, capped with glass dome toppers. Etched on the front of each flacon is the distinctive gold “H” ribbon logo. The fragrances are cradled in specially designed flip open boxes that emulate a blossoming flower.

To expand his prestigious fashion label, Nabil Hayari made an entrance into the world of perfumes in 2010.  His first inaugurated perfume is “Only For Her.” It is seductive, dynamic and sparkling. An ultra feminine scent this original fragrance has been created by Robertet’s Sidonie Lancesseur (the nose behind 3 of By Killian’s perfumes). Its elegant scent releases a generous sun-kissed grapefruit fragrance. It is enhanced by a blend of Egyptian jasmine, peony and magnolia. Beneath these fresh notes, there are hints of the warm and sensual fragrances of sandalwood, patchouli and vanilla.

“Goldy Perfume” reflects a warm powdery and woody glow. Robertet’s Dorothee Piot is the nose behind this scent. It is a special blend of white jasmine and orange blossom with base notes of sandalwood, musk and cedar. “Goldy” has a hither-to power drawing immediate attention to the woman wearing it.

“Broderie,” from Hayari Paris, has been inspired by embroidery and lace, which Mr. Hayari incorporates into his fashion collections. The perfume exudes a lovely fragility. The fragrance is feminine and elegant which is expressed through an element of lily and gardenia extract. These delicate fragrances are completed by the powerful and sensual fragrances of sandalwood, amber and patchouli resulting in an unforgettably fragrant experience. It has been created by Sidonie Lancesseur of Robertet.

Today women have a wardrobe of perfumes they wear for each time of day, occasion or activity. Much like a collection of fine jewelry that adorns a fashion look, the Hayari trio of perfumes will be a must-have accessory to add to an elegant woman’s style.

Only For Her – 1.7 oz. – SRP $145

Goldy Perfume – 1.7 oz. – SRP $145

Broderie – 1.7 oz. – SRP $145

Hayari Perfumes are available exclusively at C. O. Bigelow in New York City, NY 212-533-2700, www.bigelowchemists.com

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