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Published on October 6th, 2015 | by Jameelah "Just Jay" Wilkerson


Review: Tyler Stone- Ur 2 Lazy

I was hanging out on Facebook this weekend and scrolling down my timeline when magic came across my feed. Usually when I click a video I am not very moved by the clip but Tyler Stone‘s Ur 2 Lazy got me and got me good. I have literally downloaded the song to my phone and had it on repeat ever since.

The beat is everything but that’s not where the magic ends. The visual for this video had me glued and I mean glued right to my phone. I love music and I love music videos even more so it’s not often I become obessesed with any one in paticular.  However I am officially obsessed.

The Lyrics are candid and realistic.  We have all dated a F**k Boy or two.  While listening to this song I wished that one of those jerks was sitting right next to me so I could say “Look this is how I feel about you.  You’re lame.”  Anywho I became so obessesed immediately with the song that I had to speak to the artist/producer himself to understand his thought process for the video and how he came up with the concept.  I am telling you this song is a hit.  I wish the powers that be would push this thang out the world needs this song.   So I am going to do my part and review so all you good people won’t miss out !   He also has another song out called Voo doo and it is everything my ears have needed  you can find it online and on spotify!


Check the video and the song below!


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