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Published on October 20th, 2015 | by Jameelah "Just Jay" Wilkerson


Who Crystal La’Starr? (Aspiring Model)

Crystal La’Starr was born and raised in Norwalk, CT, she decided to relocate to Raleigh, NC after graduating high school to attend college. She holds an AAS Degree in Medical Assisting. She discovered her love for modeling and acting at the young age of three, where she began modeling in New York for a photographer from France by the name of Jean Michele.

Crystal La’Starr is currently signed under Grustle Gang/Hands on Entertainment as the first model under Lil Scrappy‘s artist Ca$ino Roulette’s brand ‘Ca$ino Angels’.

Crystal La’Starr has been featured in several music videos, fashion shows and films. Her biggest accomplishment was filming along side actor Pooch Hall, Grant Harvey, Christopher Mann, Thorsten Kaye RJ Konner and several other actors in the upcoming film ‘But Deliver Us From Evil’ a Joshua Coats film; where she plays a college student due out Fall 2015. She also stars in an upcoming nostalgic theatrical musical stage play ‘Soup Bones Juke Joint’ by Randie Forne.

Facebook: Crystal LaStarr
Twitter: Crystal LaStarr (@cbigelow82)
Instagram: Crystal_LaStarr


Video clips
“Just Dance”
“Lights Down Low”

Tell us about yourself?

I am an aspiring model and actor, born and raised in Norwalk, CT a small town about 30 minutes from Manhattan, NY. I moved to Raleigh, NC shortly after graduating high school. I have appeared in several music videos such as ‘Lights Down Low’ by Marley Gang, ‘Just Dance’ by Don Sliq & Kaos ft/ Emory, ‘Smile’ by Rah-1 ft/ Kevin Terrell, ‘Payroll’ by Big Delph, ‘808 Boom’ by Big Delph, ‘Ravishing’ by Lenzell and last but not least ‘What if’ Ca$ino Roulette ft/ Chinkie Brown. I have also appeared in several films such as, ‘Hurt People, Hurt People’ , ‘Maid of True Honor’ , ‘Two Wrongs’  , ‘4five6’ and ‘But Deliver Us From Evil’ as well as a 1940’s nostalgic theatrical musical stage play called ‘Soup Bones Juke Joint’ by Randie Forne. I am also currently signed to Lil Scrappy’s label Grustle Gang/Hands on Entertainment as his artist Ca$ino Roulette’s first model under his Ca$ino’s Angel brand. My biggest accomplishment in the film industry was playing along side Pooch Hall, Latavia Roberson, Christopher Mann, RJ Konner, Thorsten Kaye and several others in a upcoming film. Not only am I an aspiring model and actress, I also hold an Associates of Applied Sciences degree in medical assisting and working towards my bachelors degree in criminal justice. Last but not least I’m building my brand called LaStarr Royaute, I’m a custom t shirt designer, hairstylist and makeup artist. Most of my friends call me the female jack of all trades I’m always up to learning something new, knowledge is power!

What made you want to start a modeling career?

Modeling has always been my dream. I began modeling and doing commercials at the young age of 3 in New York with a French photographer from France by the name of Jean Michele. As I got older I started doing fashion shows for Delia’s a clothing store, other locally known designers in North Carolina, such as NBODI, OUTERSKIN2, Thorough Breed and Carolina Couture. I then decided to try out for a modeling showcase and was discovered by Ca$ino Roulette and that was one of my biggest accomplishments in my modeling career that lead me to Atlanta, GA to pursue my acting and modeling. I look forward to becoming a well known glamour and fitness model and actress nationally and internationally.

What do you feel makes you a Hottie?

Wow that’s a pretty interesting question (laughing). We all have something that we feel makes us kind of stand out the most. I take that as a compliment… First and foremost brains I love being well educated, my mother once told me I was a professional student, because I always wanted to go back to school degree after degree. I just feel like no matter how old you get it’s never to late to learn something new, you have to continue on this world changes technology and needs change all the time. Besides brains, my personality I’m really down to earth, outgoing, a major goof ball. As for physical features my eyes, lips and legs stand out. I’m an athlete always have been always will be I ran track, played volleyball, soccer and basketball.

What is your ultimate career goal?

My ultimate career goal is to become an internationally and nationally known glamour and fitness model as well as an incredible actor. I want to work with Arthur St.John he is an awesome photographer, don’t get me wrong there are a lot of others, but I love his vision, I love how his work comes to life. I also want to do a film with Liam Nesson, he is awesome one of my favorites. I want to work in Paris, London and Italy one day.

What’s your CRAZIEST “where they do that at” moment?!

Wow! This has me in deep thought…. (Laughing) Not everybody from a small town gets to be in The Hype Magazine, so where they do that at, because I was surprised to get this great news but with God ANYTHING is possible!!!

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