Happenings Phenom Hype Party Lincoln Nebraska, October 30, 2015 at Zell's Lounge

Published on November 1st, 2015 | by Dr. Jerry Doby


Recap: Phenom Hype Party Lincoln Nebraska at Zell’s Lounge

I got a chance to experience the music scene in Lincoln, Nebraska this weekend thanks to international radio network, Phenom Radio of the *1000 Network based out of Lubbock, Texas. *1000 Network’ encompasses 15 radio shows including weekly shows from London (DJ Leeds) and Tokyo (Joint One Radio and DJ Joey Slick). Constantly supporting emerging music markets and artists, *1000 Network presented the Phenom Hype Party red carpet event on October 30 at a cool joint called Zell’s lounge. The proprietor Ronzell, laid out the red carpet and attracted some select Lincoln artists for us to hear.

I got a chance to connect directly with the master minds of Phenom Radio MC Slate Stone and Slim who by the way, fits his name and is like 900 feet tall…I’m 6’2” and felt like a munchkin! You’ll see what I mean in the pics below… FYI these cats have taken a local radio show and grown it to the level that they broadcast via the strongest streaming radio networks in the biz…live365, Tunein, etc., etc., they’re EVERYWHERE.

Anyway, the *1000 Network team moved like a well oiled machine during the night and the Master DJs controlling the stage were DJ Swayd and DJ Chain, both well known club and tour DJs. These cats do this dueling DJs set that’s flat out amazing and they kept the audience rockin and entertained all night…that’s the other side of the label Emcee…it’s not just for rhyme slayers LOL…

We got some great shots of the crowd but also, The Hype Magazine got a few moments to get the inside track on what makes the *1000 Network tick and what they have in store with their continued expansion into 2016. Stay tuned for the video interviews, etc., but check out the looks below for a visual recap of the night…we’ll have a full length feature story for you real soon.

Suffice to say for right now, *1000 Network, Phenom Radio and Zell’s Lounge became more than just brand names to our team at The Hype Magazine, they crossed over to family and we’re proud to announce that we’ll be rocking with them on much more in the near future…stay tuned!!! #OfficialHype

Shoutout to Southside Barber and Beauty shop in Omaha, Nebraska for the hospitality…got my afro tight for the event and Bruiser the owner, showed much love for the magazine!

Stay tuned for the full length rundown on *1000 Network and Phenom Radio in our upcoming full-length feature story, including exclusive video interviews with the whole team!

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