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Published on December 30th, 2015 | by derek


New Mixtape: VSTheReal – Before The Honeymoon – R.O.M. Vol 1.5

“ROM vol. 1” (The Rest Of Me Belongs To Me) was VS’s introduction to the digital era of hip hop. It was his good bye letter to the hood. He did his time, got his bumps and bruises, and continued to move on to do what every one else has been doing, thinking that his common sense and experience would give me an upper hand. He thought like everyone else. He believed that he was that new upcoming artist that the labels would be kicking down doors for… It was crickets. However, through hia hard work and perseverance, he managed to get great feedback from people that mattered. Websites, magazines, and a few radio heads bumped the music, retweeted it, and put him in their publications.

He managed to grab help from other sources that now knew I existed – along with the trolls who offered him instant success with a nothing more than a Paypal click. He spent the next 2 years being a husband and father, as well as a student of music and business. He found that I no longer needed a record label to establish my career – what he did need is a team of masterminds with experience in their field.

With the help of these masterminds “ROM vol. 2” has now became a thought that he’s been able to bring to life. He’s been living, loving, and learning. He now knows that some people just live; some don’t know what love is; some are just too ignorant to learn. “The Honeymoon” is all that and then some.

Before he give you the final product, He would like to present to his fans a sample of what’s to come. VictoryStruggle presents “Before the Honeymoon” (ROM vol. 1.5).

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