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Published on December 13th, 2015 | by Jameelah "Just Jay" Wilkerson


Prince drops surprise new opus, HITNRUN Phase Two


Multi-platinum music icon Prince has surprised fans globally with the unexpected release of a new 12-song album, HITNRUN PHASE TWO. The expansive collection of songs, many featuring his super-group The New Power Generation, appeared exclusively on TIDAL today at 9AM ET. The album was meticulously crafted over a nearly four-year period – gradually adding songs until the sequence was perfected and ready for release. A 16-member horn section is featured throughout the album, combining Prince’s NPG HORNZ and Minneapolis’ HORNHEADS, the latter a frequent addition to his larger studio ensemble.

Prince’s quintessential songwriting and inimitable vocal abilities are on full display in songs such as “ROCKNROLL LOVEAFFAIR,” “LOOK AT ME, LOOK AT U,” “WHEN SHE COMES,” and the breath-taking ballad “REVELATION.” Also included in the sequence is the protest song “BALTIMORE,” which received rave reviews upon release earlier this year. NPR’s Ann Powers noted: “BALTIMORE is truly a Sly protest – that is, in the style of Sly and the Family Stone, specifically the band’s early, joyful, genre-obliterating anthems like “Everyday People.” At its peak, “BALTIMORE” presents itself as a new “Dancing in the Streets” – a song that offers a brand new beat in the name of real change.”

HITNRUN PHASE TWO was recorded fully in analog, giving it a lushness and human quality that defies the current computer-driven trend prevalent in practically all popular music today. PHASE TWO follows on HITNRUN PHASE ONE, released September 7th, 2015 to widespread praise. Entertainment Weekly described the album as “an invigorating, eclectic modern pop record… equal parts hedonistic arena rock, chugging funk, and art-mutated pop.”

For those who know and love Prince’s past work – his otherworldly musicianship and obvious respect of the craft – HITNRUN PHASE TWO will be a very welcomed addition to the collection; a gift to Prince’s Purple Collective and an instant standout in his already unparalleled 38 album catalog.

Listen to HITNRUN PHASE TWO here: https://t.co/5UOhRWvLxd


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