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Published on January 6th, 2016 | by Jerry Doby


Right Hook partners with Melo-X to launch interactive music app

The mobile app developer Right Hook, in conjunction with renowned music artist MeLo-X, has announced the launch of Curate, an interactive music app that enables users to re-shape the tracks from MeLo-X’s latest music offering which is also entitled Curate.

The main feature of the Curate app is a multi-colored “Infinity Stone” that users can move around to add reverb, a repeated beat effect, or a filter to each song. The stone is meant to represent the constant shift and change in our everyday life.

“We wanted to create an interactive experience for MeLo fans that would give them a hands on experience while listening to his newest album,” said Lou Auguste, founder of Right Hook. “Curate enhances the listening experience, making it personal and even more fun.”

MeLo-X told The Village Voice, “The main difference [between Curate and my past projects] is the way Curate bridges my visual side with my music side. I definitely wanted to like have something that people could listen to but also interact with… What better way for people to experience [Curate] than through their phone? Their phone is personal to them — each person’s phone is set up a different way and is personal to how they interact with social media and with the world. This project is basically like that idea coming to fruition, and I think the timing was great because in the last two years or so, I’ve done a lot more things in the art world more so than anywhere else. Curate balances that out with all the music stuff that I’ve done.”

The Curate app is available in the Apple store and is compatible for iOs 9.0.


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