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Don’t Kill My Vibe: Ways to Keep Your Hip Hop OCD Going Strong

Arising from humble beginnings in the ghettos of New York City, Hip Hop has become a dominant global force. From its clever lyricists to its impacts on the fashion industry, it has gained millions of fanatics. If you’re just as captivated about the culture, then here are some ways to display your obsession and keep that hip hop flow going.

Hip Hop Greeting Cards


If you and bae share a special love connection with hip hop then these greeting cards are a great way to express it. They are the brainchild of Michelle Alfonso, a 24 year-old illustrator based in New York City. Her own blossoming relationship inspired her to develop these cards as a gift to her partner. “I’m into personalized gifts so I wanted to make something simple (didn’t want to scare him off with a huge portrait of his face) so I decided on a card.” Her collection also features rappers such as: Ja Rule, Cam’ron, Future, and DJ Khaled.

Pillows With Hip Hop Lyrics

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There’s something about the lyricism of certain rappers that gets me going. Whether its reciting verses from hip hop classics such as A Tribe Called Quest’s Electric Relaxation, or today’s joints such as Alright by Kendrick Lamar; I appreciate the poetic vibes of rap. I’m obsessed over the metaphors, similes, the vocab, assonance, and rhymes. These pillows are just the right thing to allow hip hop fanatics to display their obsessions with rap lyrics.

Hip Hop Infused Comic Book Covers

If you’re a fanatic of hip hop and comics, here’s a souvenir produced just for you. Last Month, Marvel paid tribute to hip hop by releasing a free 32-page comic book featuring a mixture of iconic hip hop albums and characters from its own comic book franchise. “The hip-hop variants were a really special initiative that caught fire in the outside world,” stated Axel Alonso, Marvel’s editor and chief. The comic book features iconic albums from rappers including: Missy Elliott, Lauryn Hill, LL Cool J, Tupac, De La Soul, Eminem, A Tribe Called Quest, and Wu-Tang Clan.

Trap Karoake

You’re probably thinking “what does karaoke have to do with hip hop?” Well, a string of cities across the United States have taken the initiative to fuse rap lyrics with karaoke. This phenomenon, referred to as “trap karaoke”, is a traveling event that allows hip hop fans to go on stage and recite their favorite rap songs while viewing the lyrics on HD televisions or screen projectors. Essentially, they can pretend that they are their rap idols while the crowd keeps them energized. “We allow people to come on stage and live out this moment. The crowd engagement is special,” quotes the event’s founder, Jason Mowatt. With plans to expand this event and reach more people, you may be able to partake in one sooner than you think. Check out the video below for a visual of this phenomenon.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IwMfAk81ubw&w=560&h=315]


Custom Hip Hop Jewelry

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It’s hard to name hip hop icons who don’t like to flaunt some type of flashy jewelry. It’s displayed as a badge of honor that they’ve overcome some tough obstacles in life. Flashy jewelry has become synonymous with hip hop culture, being donned by the industry’s elite since its inception. From the chunky chains movement pioneered by 80s icons such as Big Daddy Kane and Run-D.M.C to Jesus pieces worn by so many of today’s artists; these instances prove that hip hop does not have a limit to its jewelry consumption.  Rappers have even taken their favorite cartoon characters and iced them out like the boo (pictured above) and the Star characters from the Super Mario Brothers video games. Now this is the ultimate treasure to keep that hip hop ocd vibe going full force.








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