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Published on March 17th, 2016 | by Jameelah "Just Jay" Wilkerson


Daja Marie Interviews Custom Shoe Designer Jason Ray

Tell me, who is Jason Ray?

Jason T. Ray, 35, (now best known as the talent and genius behind Stingray Custom Creations) has been dabbling in design since his earlier days at Northwestern High School, in Flint, MI where he designed his very own prom suit. However, his first major step onto the art scene came in 2000, in which he received the Mott Community College Visual Arts Award; earning him a featured artist spot at the Buckingham Art Gallery of Downtown Flint.

His latest work “Stingray Custom Creations” have hit the runway and rocked the nation, as requests and orders for his shoe designs continue to pour in. Jason’s brilliant artistic vision, eye for detail and display of urban elegance…have unequivocally made him a must in every woman’s fashion wardrobe.

Sting Ray Custom Creations-27

What made you want to become a custom shoe designer?

People use the word designer. I think of myself more as an artist. Just someone who loves everything art. I just want people to appreciate my art. And recognize that I put one hundred percent of me into what I do.

Tell me about how you got started.

Well one day I was recommended to a lady as an artist. She made the inquiry of having some custom high heels painted? I told her I didn’t do that. I painted walls and canvas. She came back the next day, after looking at some of my art. She ask again? I replied the same thing. Wall, canvas not shoes. The third day before I could say anything she said…… I’ll give you X amount of dollars to paint the shoes. I replied “Give me them shoes!” “Now what did you want on these again?” They were posted on social media and the response was overwhelming so here I am.

Describe your style when creating a unique shoe.

Just my style of painting, it’s more of a textured look. Everything I saw that formed a custom shoe artist, was flat paint. So I felt like giving it texture is what set me apart.

Sting Ray Custom Creations-32

Is there anyone in particular that you would like to collaborate/partner with in the future?

I will work with anyone. So many people want to do it alone. I think teaming up with somebody brings new ideas and may impact the product in a way you never could have imagined. I’m up for working with anyone positive. But, if I had to name drop, Marta Ruiz and LHP Revive (Sheila Hamilton)… l’m a big fan of their work.

What do you predict the trends to be this year?

In 2016, I see customizing being a big trend. More people want to express their individuality and that’s exactly what customizing does.

What can your fans expect?

People can expect to see customize clothing not just the shoes. I’m getting more into sets, shoes, handbags and blazers. Also, more vibrant colors. I want The Hype Magazine readers to know I’m working hard to build this brand Stingray Custom Creations into a household name.Screenshot_2015-09-20-14-03-52-1


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