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Published on March 20th, 2016 | by Jerry Doby


Live Session with Deja, Taja and Bobbie Riley aka pop group RILEY

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“R I L E Y” is an American girl group made up of 3 sisters, Deja Riley [First Born], Taja Riley [Middle Child], and Bobbie Riley [Baby Sister] and yes, they are the progeny of legendary music producer & pioneer of New Jack Swing, Teddy Riley.

You might think coming up Riley would give them an easy in with the industry. However, the ladies tell us their father refused to step in early on and that made their experience even richer. They gathered their own musician, songwriters, producers, etc., and

Officially coming together as a group in 2010, the siblings released their debut single £PoundFRANK to some critical acclaim. They expect to release their EP Bermuda sometime this year.

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About £PoundFRANK

£PoundFRANK, was written by the girls in collaboration with award winning songwriter Taylor Parks. This track introduces the flavor of the girls with it’s Wild West meets Desert Island Vibe, carried with a militant percussion and complimented by a mesmerizing snake charmed guitar melody. In the girls verses, you get a sense of confidence met with the sexiness of their tones, metaphorically referencing money as the only men they want in their lives. Breaking it down with a 3 part harmony, the girls cleverly allude to phrases of currency in the hook, with repetition in the phrase “Can’t Ride Wit a Lincoln Though”, implying that their squad goals don’t include broke boys [reminiscent of songs somewhat like Destiny Child’s “Bills Bills Bills” or TLC’s record “No Scrubs].

The Hype Magazine caught up with the three utilizing some digital technology to put us all in one place so to speak for an incredible conversation. Each of the ladies still hold professional gigs within the industry, Deja and Taja are professional dancers for large productions, and baby sister Bobbie is a busy makeup artist.

We got to hear directly from the ladies what it was like to grow up Riley and just how much they learned by not having daddy to handle everything for them. Amazingly entertaining and driven, this was one of the highlights for the beginning of my 2016.

Tune in below:


Interview by Jerry Doby


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