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Who is Kansas City stand out artist Kuttybear?

I got to experience Kuttybear and his music recently during the Coast2CoastLive showcase in the Kansas City area and when he hit the stage as the last act of the night, it made a great evening even more awesome. The packed house stated from early evening sitting through more than 20 acts, all of whom had some merit. Kuttybear though seemed to be what the crowd was waiting for and when he took center stage, chairs and the bar emptied as the crowd made their way toward the stage to be a bit closer to this young lion.

Kuttybear claimed the crown that night and I caught up with him to find out more and introduce him you!

As you see yourself as an artist, who is Kuttybear?

I’d say from the outside looking in, Kuttybear is a diverse artist. I rap, sing a little, produce, write & engineer all of my music from home. I’m inspired by so many different artists of different genres such as: Kanye West, Mac Dre, Maroon 5, The Weeknd, Michael Jackson, Bone Thugs N Harmony, Eminem, Justin Timberlake, etc.

I was born in ’93. I’ve been writing poems & raps since I was about 8 years old. I always knew I wanted to be a rapper & it was all I was ever good at, in my opinion. Music can really move you. I always wanted to inspire people the way my favorite artists inspire me.

What brought you to music?

I’ve been releasing music via Twitter, Soundcloud, & YouTube since high school. Over time, I’ve built a fan base & I’m fortunate to have people who support the movement. It’s growing too. I sit & watch many different artists’ live performances & I study their movements, breath breaks, crowd control, etc. I’m really big on crowd participation because I want to feel as connected to the crowd from the stage as possible.

What do you want listeners to get from your music?

I want people to know that you don’t have to conform or do anything in this world that you don’t believe in. I wanna be the genuine voice of starving artists & encourage people to think outside of the box. I write songs like “Fire Me” because no matter where you go, there’s someone who hates waking up every morning to go work for someone else especially when your dreams are far beyond being an employee for someone’s corporation.

Tell us about your latest project.

My latest project, “The Splinter Project” is available on my official website & Soundcloud. I wanted to create a body of work that took the listener on a trip. From start to finish, you feel so many different emotions but everything you hear is me. I made sure my beat selection took people down a hip-hop era timeline as far as the feeling. I’m currently working on my first official album titled “Trouble In Paradise”. I want to explore the idea of duality on it. It will be released in 2017.

For a first time listener, what song of yours would you recommend as an intro to you as an artist?

I’d encourage any new listeners to check out “Fu*k It”, “Fire Me” & “Unless”. I call those 3 songs my ‘holy trinity’. They’re a great representation of what I display as an artist.

What’s Kuttybear into outside of music?

I’m a co-owner of an Entertainment Company called We Are ART Entertainment. WAA is a home for many different rappers, producers, poets, authors, actors, dancers, etc. My vision for the label, ultimately, is to provide a service of all types of art. I want to direct & produce film, design clothing, video games, write for other artists & explore different ventures with music, of course, being the gateway to everything else.

Last but not least, The Hype Magazine wants to know, “What’s your craziest “Where the do that at moment?!”

My craziest “Where They Do That At?!” moment? Hmmm…so I’m on set for my music video for “Fuck It” & the director takes us to an abandoned gas station in Odessa, Missouri to shoot. So he brings out a big ass container of gasoline & pours it next to the pumps & lights a fire. He’s like “Let’s get some shots of you rapping in front of the fire” I’m like “This is a whole GAS station, my nigga” but before we could even start shooting, we heard sirens. Fire Trucks & Police cars immediately surrounded us. Long story short, we didn’t go to jail. But the things we do for art…limitless.

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