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Who is ApolloNightLA ‘Artist of the Week” Lil Chiz


Born in Los Angeles, CA and raised in Paramount, CA, DeAndre “LiL CHiZ” Chisholm is a rapper with a message. His message is filled with rhythm, bass and most importantly lyrics, that are meant to touch the sky. Growing up in a home with his mother and father out of four boys and one girl, CHiZ was the youngest child. As he became older he grew out of his “trouble making” phase that had restricted his life in his earlier years and began to look to his passion for music, his parents and his older brother for influence and inspiration. At the age of 12, CHiZ suffered the devastating loss of his grandmother which prompted him to dive into a sea of music and poetry and prompted him to pick up a pen and begin writing music from his soul and poetry from his heart. Continuing to ride the music notes, one day CHiZ and his friends whom he refers to as his “bros” sat down and began writing lyrics to instrumentals. Fascinated by the way their words seem to “ride the beat” and listening to the flow and tone of their own voices, they decided to conform a group called Y&D (Young and Dominate). Everyone was surprised at how the music was coming together and the group continued on. CHiZ and his thriving spirit and individuality decided to break from the group after some time. He credits the two most influential and controversial rappers of all time, Tupac and Biggie as his major inspirations along with greats and pioneers such as Run DMC and the epic House Party duo Kid and Play. During down time CHiZ enjoys playing basketball and being close to and partying with his family and friends as well as helping others with their music fueled endeavors. When asked what his inspiration is to continuously move forward he says, “Performing, the reactions of my fans when they hear my music, recording and expressing myself, along with the joy is brings others as well as myself”. CHiZ understands that there is a world of people who wish to be different. What he knows separates him from a crowd he says it’s because he is unique and versatile. Fame is not what interests him, it is the idea of doing what he has a passion for. He looks to paint vivid pictures with his music and touch on realistic life issues prominent in adult and adolescent lives. CHiZ sees himself on the top and with his drive and dedication along with a creative mind that is exactly where he will be. 

10154261_791475570877137_6830405406154630187_nFrom the outside looking in, who is LiL CHiZ?

From the outside looking in LiL CHiZ is the most dedicated, hardworking, loyal guy you know, and he is most definitely always with the “turn-up”. I am “Mr. L.O.D.” L.O.D. means Loyalty Over Dishonesty and that is who I am. Any body that knows me knows that Loyal is what I am and dishonesty is what I cannot stand for. But I am all about the turn up to say the least. Those that know me also know that at any given time I am ready to turn up. I love a party when it is with the right people.

What brought you to the entertainment industry, music specifically?

Needing a way to express myself when things got hard was what drove me in the beginning. That is how I started writing poetry. Then, one day, me and some of my bros were listening to an instrumental and I put those poetry skills to work and wrote my first verse. I already had a love for music so my form of expression, poetry, and my love for music came together to create my passion. Making music!

Tell us about your current project and your ApolloNightLA “Artist of the Week” winning single “Kissing On Her Neck”.

I have an EP out right now, “Cold Feet The EP”. This is a project that really represents my growth as an artist and the confidence I have gained from the growth of my music. “Cold Feet The EP” is available on all the mainstream digital music carries like iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, and many more. I am already working on my next project, “Welcome To The Alter”. This project is where I will showcase my growth even more and let my fans into my true love for music. The name “Welcome To The Alter” says it all because with this project I will showcase to anyone that will listen, my dedication to my craft by marrying my music!

“Kissing On Her Neck” is a song that was literally created in the studio. This was a beat that I really liked a lot and wanted to do something with, But I had it for a while so I wasn’t sure. In one of our 12-hour studio lock in sessions I played it and a hit was born. Lil Caine and CV$H hopped on it and everybody was hype so we knew we had something good. People liked the song so much that I decided that this would be the perfect song to put out as a single, just to give a little sample of the music that will be featured on my album “Welcome To The Alter”.

For new listeners, what song of yours would you pick as an introduction to you?

I would say that the best introduction to me would be my song “That’s Yo Chick”. It’s a song from my latest project “Cold Feet The EP”. I think that this would be the best intro to me because I think that every woman deserves to be treated right and I am just the guy to do that. LOL. No, but honesty I do think that women should be treated right and if your dude isn’t doing it find someone that will. I make this same reference in other songs of mine as well. Also, this song is “turnt up” and like I said I am all about the turn up. This song represents me to the fullest.

Last but not least, HYPE wants to know…What’s your CRAZIEST “Where they do that at?!” moment…

Okay so true story. One of my first major singles “Earthquake Sex” was going up and everybody really liked the song. I was young and real excited to shoot a grown and sexy video for this song. So this girl, I won’t say her name, had agreed to do this video with me. Let’s just say that the video was Rated R, which she knew. So when the video went live on YouTube and had over 1,000 views in a few days and was getting all kinds of attention she decided that she thought that the video was going to look different. The video looked exactly how we filmed it, she reported it to YouTube, came to my house started mess, and even contacted my managers saying she wanted it taken down. Who films a video and then wants it taken down when it gets too much attention? Where they do that at?! Needless to say there was a lesson learned that day… Get contracts before filming!

Lastly, I just want to say thank you to ApolloNightLA for allowing me to come on their show and play my music. I am grateful for each and every opportunity. And I have to shout out my label, L.O.D. Records and my team for the strong support system.

Instagram: @pushachiz
Twitter: @chiztheprince

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