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Published on June 27th, 2016 | by Jameelah "Just Jay" Wilkerson


AIAIAI Launched A New Headphone Concept Called TMA-2 Modular

This year, Copenhagen-based audio design company AIAIAI launched a new headphone concept called TMA-2 Modular. Designed by KILO Design and providing a vast range of interchangeable options across sound, function, comfort and design, TMA-2 Modular is a state-of-the-art system developed from the TMA-1 series that lets you create your own personalized headphone – while enabling a quick and easy change of individual parts along the way.

Modular is a framework of elements, including the speaker unit, headband, earpad and cable, which can be connected or combined in different ways.

With their latest project, AIAIAI have created the next step for the 21st century headphone: a framework consisting of modular audio technology, which gives you the freedom to personalize according to your own unique requirements. Hence, elements relating to exceptional sound, functional design and comfort are the building blocks that make up the TMA-2 Modular system.

TMA-2_Modular_preset_all-round TMA-2_Modular_preset_all-round_WHITE

TMA-2_Modular_preset_dj TMA-2_Modular_preset_dj_WHITE

TMA-2_Modular_preset_studio TMA-2_Modular_preset_studio_WHITE

TMA-2_Modular_preset_young-guru TMA-2_Modular_preset_young-guru_WHITE





Individualization, longevity and adaptability.
The TMA-1 headphone family has evolved into a new interchangeable infrastructure. Mirroring an overall design tendency of individualization, longevity and interaction, TMA-2 Modular takes the concept of modularity and applies it creatively to the world of headphones.

In this way, the concept doesn’t introduce one single updated headphone: AIAIAI’s new project provides more than 500 different configuration possibilities. For music professionals this means the opportunity to adapt and tailor the system to a given creative context, from studio production or audio editing, to DJing or listening on the move. For everyone else it means the subtle dissolution of categories; the freedom to be yourself.

Frederik Jorgensen, Co-Founder, AIAIAI:
“The Modular system creates the ultimate flexibility for our business and our customers as well as a more creative way of interacting with our products. This adaptable, versatile approach to our headphones offers radical new opportunities for future product development, enabling us to expand the system to create better options for our users and the potential for further collaborations with our key artist and label partners.”

Lars Larsen, Kilo Founder and AIAIAI Designer:
“I think this is a new way of thinking about headphones. First of all, the design has evolved but the evolution is a natural extension rather than a sudden, abrupt transformation. We’ve designed relatively subtle, new details, plugs and connections for modular flexibility, but it’s the overall idea of modularity that I think will capture everyone’s imagination; The major design change lies in the Modular solution and the freedom of choice it produces. Instead of designing the new we have continued the evolution from TMA1 to TMA2”

A new trajectory for headphone design, the TMA-2 Modular brings a user friendly means to synthesize from a wealth of components. The customer now takes centre stage and becomes the creator of his or her headphone experience.

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