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Published on June 14th, 2016 | by Jerry Doby


IBFF joins with Hip-Hop group Arrested Development for special community events

ibff_nashvilleThe International Black Film Festival (IBFF) in collaboration with Belmont UniversityMetro ParksSalama Urban Ministries Inc., and the Midtown Hills Police Department is gearing up for the 2016 Summer Film Series which starts on June 20. The community program, which was a big hit last summer, kicks off the “Imagine Me” Children’s Summer Film Series with a special event featuring award winning hip hop group, Arrested Development with special guest beat box champion HeaveN Beatbox. They will spend the morning engaging children from around the city in the art of rap, dance, beatbox, and much more. This event, which begins at 10:00 am at Belmont University’s Troutt Theater(2112 Belmont Blvd), is sure to be an experience that will be a highlight of IBFF summer programs.

Arrested Development continues a day of community involvement as they host the Everyday People” Day Party & Fundraiser from 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm. Benefiting both the IBFF “Imagine Me” Children’s Program and the annual film festival, the event is sponsored by the Garden Brunch Café located at 924 Jefferson Street in Nashville. Tickets are $25 and can be purchased at ibffevents.com.

“We are looking forward to connecting with grassroots communities in Nashville, Tennessee,” says Speech of Arrested Development. “We’re wanting to make an impact through music, arts, and love!”

The group caps off their busy day with a concert that evening at the City Winery. The show will feature Arrested Development with special guest HeaveN Beatbox. VIP ($40), Premier ($35), and reserved ($30) tickets can be purchased at ibffnashville.com.

“We are happy that Arrested Development actively supports IBFF and our community,” says IBFF CEO and Founder, Hazel Joyner-Smith. “Arrested Development brings a positive message that is unique. When, I first  heard the Arrested Development sound I jumped out of my seat! It was a sound unlike any that I had heard in a while. The message in the music is timeless, healing, and instructive.”

The IBFF is excited to celebrate their tenth anniversary as they gear up for the annual International film festival of events scheduled for October 5-9. This special event will be the biggest yet with engaging and insightful films as well as a cavalcade of amazing invited guests and celebrities. Stay tuned for a big press conference later this summer with exciting announcements! Interviews, media credentials, and synopsis can be obtained through Julie Reliford – Hart Street Entertainment at [email protected]hartstreetentertainment.com or 615.504.1274

About Arrested Development
Arrested Development speaks through music to the world. Speech, one of the vocalist for this collective says, “people have been through so much turmoil and strife. We get on stage every night with the mission to broaden the perspectives and give inspiration to rise up.” Unsurprisingly, the Grammy award winning group Arrested Development has been devoted to nudging folks in the direction of freedom and spiritual evolution for over 23 years. The group describes their sound as “Life Music.” Band members are: Speech, 1 Love, JJ Boogie, Za, Tasha LaRae & Fareedah Aleem. Former members are: Montsho Eshe, Rasa Don, Aerle Taree, Baba Oje, Ajile Axam, Dj Kemit, Nadirah Shakoor & Nicha Hillard.

About HeaveN Beatbox
HeaveN, whose real name is Steven Strickland Cantor explains, “I’ve always held the perspective of living my life in the light of difference in order to individually make myself unique. It was my personal ideology that inevitably led me to beat boxing, that and a little help from my older brother David, who first introduced me to beat boxing, Smvy, who inspired me, and Beat-Bunchies who has trained with me since I began. It is through this ideology and quest to become the diamond opposed to the every day common rock that has shifted and led to not what or even who I am but why I am. What’s rare in life is what’s valuable, treasured and what I believe is the key to not only becoming successful but staying successful in my personal pursuit of happiness. This is why I am HeaveN.”

About International Black Film Festival
Through the art of film, the International Black Film Festival (IBFF) celebrates rich, diverse and creative storytelling for the cultural enrichment, progress and education of communities worldwide. Established in 2006, IBFF is a collaboration of dedicated professionals who support the need for a community effort to bring African-American and other communities together to showcase their work as emerging and skilled independent filmmakers, actors, composers, screenwriters, directors, and other film industry professionals. With “Defining Our Stories, Transforming the Image” as its organizational theme, IBFF strives to ensure culturally accurate depictions in film with special emphasis on providing a forum for unheard, unseen and unknown viewpoints, and showcasing the multitude of experiences presented in local, national, and international communities of color.

With the support of their sponsors, corporate partners, and the community, the International Black Film Festival maintains its relevance to the creative, educational, and socially conscious communities around the globe.

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