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Published on June 19th, 2016 | by Dr. Jerry Doby


Pandora adds nine stations dedicated to new music

What makes Pandora (@PandoraPulse) internet radio such a valuable listening option in my opinion, is the element of surprise; new songs, new artists, in no particular order…that’s refreshing if you get what I’m saying…

Intermingled with major artists, indie and unsigned acts have been able to slide into the matrix and break out on the scene. Pandora recently announced some new additions to their lineup, all of them dedicated to NEW ARTISTS and music…I have to say it…SOME satellite stations are beginning to become predictable, and so Pandora is getting more and more of my time. I’ve discovered more new music via this platform and SoundCloud than I have with the other options.

Nine new “stations” are now live on Pandora, check out the official announcement below:

Pandora, the go-to music source for fans and artists, is bringing listeners the ultimate destination for personalized discovery by handpicking the best new releases every week. Pandora’s New Music Stations deliver an elevated listening experience that is uniquely Pandora—we know what you love now, we know what you’ll love next, and we’re broadening our scope by selecting the latest music in your favorite genres that you wouldn’t have discovered before.

Each week, we’ll handpick music recently released for each New Music Station from a unique blend of emerging, underground and well-known artists across all of your favorite genres. With thousands of new songs released each week, finding exactly what will appeal to your unique taste in music can be a challenge. We’ll take the headache out of the process by curating a wide variety of recommendations for you on a weekly basis across Pop, Country, Hip Hop, Dance, and more.

New Pop · New Country · New Hip Hop · New Dance · New Indie · New Electronic · New Alternative

New Regional Mexican · New Latin & Tropical

“Musical preferences are never one-size-fits-all. With the constant stream of newly released music and generalized recommendations that are made for the masses on mainstream radio formats, amazing talent gets lost in the fold,” said Ron Nenni, director of music programming, Pandora. “Our goal with these stations is to connect new music made by artists of all shapes and sizes to Pandora’s massive audience in a way that’s targeted and personal. We are pushing the boundaries of discovery and serving up an experience that listeners can’t find anywhere else.”

The secret sauce behind New Music Stations is Pandora’s team of musicologists who have decades of diverse music industry experience. They’re devoted to curating the best possible listening experience, serving up personal recommendations, and providing insights about their selections via station audio drops and posts on the Pandora Blog every single week. We’ve got you covered—just sit back, tune into your favorite New Music Station, and let us introduce you to your new favorites.


Pandora is the world’s most powerful music discovery platform – a place where artists find their fans and listeners find music they love. We are driven by a single purpose: unleashing the infinite power of music by connecting artists and fans, whether through earbuds, car speakers, live on stage or anywhere fans want to experience it. Our team of highly trained musicologists analyze hundreds of attributes for each recording which powers our proprietary Music Genome Project®, delivering billions of hours of personalized music tailored to the tastes of each music listener, full of discovery, making artist/fan connections at unprecedented scale. Founded by musicians, Pandora empowers artists with valuable data and tools to help grow their careers and connect with their fans. | Pandora Blog | Pandora LinkedIn | @PandoraPulse

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