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Issue #100 – Digital Cover

Published on August 20th, 2016 | by jonathan


The World Cup of Hip Hop Shoots for the Stars!!


The World Cup of Hip Hop: Take Back the Mic Season 2 is underway!!

Take Back the Mic is very grateful to The Hype Magazine for continuing their partnership with us into our second season.

Episode 1 – Chico White:

A poet emerges from a neglected corner of the Dominican Republic

Episode 2 – T-rex:

The godfather of Dominican Hip Hop doubles as BMX champ

Episode 3 – Exuz:

A lyrical magician uses his skills to uplift his family

Episode 4 – Aczino:

The #1 Spanish-language battle rapper in the world does it all for his kids

Episode 5 – Danger AK:

This cerebral MC came to the big city to achieve his dream: to uplift others through Hip Hop

Episode 6 – Lavozekreta:

This talented crew from Mexico’s biggest hood bring the lyrical fire

Episode 7 – Ill Skillz:

A BBoy crew takes their street skills to the classroom

Episode 8 –4ESK Crew:

This acrobatic trio show how Hip Hop was born in Medellin

Episode 9 –Luma Y Zeta:

These BGirls took “I can’t” out of their vocabulary and it’s paying off.

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