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Published on August 2nd, 2016 | by Dr. Jerry Doby


Incarcerated C-Murder speaks new developments for TRU-Bossalinie

cmurder1Incarcerated TRU-Bossalinie Records top dog C-Murder (IG: @trucmurder T: @iamcmurder), fresh out of a solitary confinement stint ending July 27, due to the nature of his last project “Penitentiary Chances” lets us know that the world has not forgotten him and a new strategic partnership with tech company Lang App to spread his message to fans across the globe. Held incommunicado for several months, (his project dropped in April of 2016), C-Murder has been limited to contact with his legal representatives since that time, we got a fresh update from the celebrated artist as soon as he saw the light again!

Despite your inability to engage directly with your fans at the moment, we see you are in tune with the digital revolution and what that offers for artists by way of engagement with fans. What digital tools or resources are on your radar to help you continue your music’s spread globally?

A few tools I’ve seen make a huge difference is YouTube, Instagram, Facebook Live and Twitter for right now. But once I come home I plan on catching up on all the latest resources of reaching my fans ya heard me. I know my family, friends and TRU Team been keeping me posted on all the latest social media tools, lol, so I’m not too lost when I touch down. It’s crazy how many ways and tools available to communicate and socialize with fans today.

When I was growing up, all we had was a trunk full of music (cassette tapes then cd’s) and hit the circuit ya heard me. We went to radio stations, record stores, major labels, and hand delivered our music personally and nowadays all you need is a computer with a social media presence and music your fans want to hear, it’s crazy, but I love it.

Listen to the project that got him sequestered:

Translation can be a critical barrier to gaining new fans and though music lovers all over the world know your songs if you were to have the ability to pioneer a new engagement platform to speak directly, what would you say to those out here in the struggle?

Man, translation is a big issue in real time and for the past year or so I would ask my team is there a better way to communicate with my global fans, like in Latin America or my fans in Japan for example. For the longest time nothing, then one day I received a message about a new digital downloads company ‘Lang Bridge App’ that will help me communicate with fans no matter what language, ya heard me. Then I had my Publicist reach out to the CEO, and the company reached back and from there I was sold.

How does it feel to know that companies like Language Bridge App are seeking you out to give you greater access to spread your message?

Happy and Blessed, lol! It’s like they were reading my mind and made the perfect app assist in the best way for all our fans to embrace digital downloads in their language. With all the latest changes taking place with how artists are compensated via digital downloads, I would say it’s the perfect opportunity. I appreciate the deal they have put on the table; I can’t wait to see everything Lang Bridge App has to offer, and I’m looking forward to sharing my ideas with them to take digital downloading to a new level by breaking the language barrier.

When you return to us (free world), do you see yourself not only returning to music but standing on a platform for change and education; especially within the inner cities and Hip Hop culture?

Oh for sure. All the issues about Black lives are crazy, and it’s almost 2017, yet we still see some of the same injustice and killings that took place during Emmet Till, Martin Luther King, and Malcolm X’s time. Then fast forward to now and we have the deaths of Sandra Bland, Trayvon Martin, Tamir Rice, Eric Garner and so much more at the hands of those commissioned to protect and serve.

You would think our relationship with police and the justice system would be better as a people by now, but race still is a part of our everyday life. It seems like to me many Blacks are unfairly targeted, smh. But I plan on working with inner city kids to help them find positive ways to bring about change not just in the community but within themselves.

Programs will include support for education and start a college fund so that kids in my old neighborhood and many other urban communities will have the opportunity to experience life outside of the hood. Because for some kids, all they know is their hood. I also want to educate the kids that want to pursue music on how to handle the business end of the industry, the lights and cameras are all good but at the end of the day you need to know about ya money too.

I’ve had my team look for talent to bring to TRU-Bossalinie Records and let me tell you there is no shortage of music artists that are hungry and ready to put the work in, oh yea go check out TRU artist (INC) Calliope Bub 100Days100Nights.

Also, I would like to say “Thank You” to all my fans, supporters, and team. I appreciate the letters and words of encouragement while I was in the hole (solitary confinement). But now I’m out and ready to get back to preparing to come home, work on my music, exploring my reality show, movies deals, collaborating with music industry friends and building relationships that will allow me to grow my fan base on a global level.



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