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Published on September 8th, 2016 | by Jerry Doby


The Hype Magzaine Interviews Demi Grace

The Hype Magazine: David Morales (@dcypherstudios) introduces us to Demi Grace (@IamDemiGrace) EDM’s rising star.

Demi Grace is a new EDM star on the rise, just releasing a new single titled “Afraid”. Her voice is as powerful as her presence and she shares with The Hype Magazine a few details about her recent success as a singer and a model! Grace also shares a few business strategies and a few of her favorites on her playlist. She also told us what it is like being a professional business woman in a vastly changing music and fashion industry.

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Demi Grace embraces her beauty and presents a diverse example of style for young women everywhere. Grace’s beautiful voice made her the official theme music vocalist for the Dark & Lovely Fade Resist national commercial. And that’s not all. Currently, she is one of the newest faces of Sephora’s ‘makeup forever’ lipstick ad campaign. “I’m all about helping darker skinned women in the black community feel better about themselves or feel more confident in their skin tone.”

But it is not only her beauty that is worthy of attention. Demi Grace has a very distinct character to her sound that she attributes to her ethnicity. Being Nigerian, she is heavily influenced by Afro beat music, which she fuses with EDM. Her new single “Afraid” shows her sensitive side, revealing an experience of personal growth and reflection.

“I really loved that record because the lyrics came from a real place; a broken relationship. It was my way of expressing how I felt throughout that situation.” Demi states

Demi Grace has a lot to look forward to in the coming months. Currently working the Sephora campaign, Grace just finished a mix with an Atlanta producer which includes artists such as, T-Pain, Trina, Flo Rida and TI and her new EP Queendom drops this September.

How long have you been singing?

I have been singing all my life! I have been writing poetry since I’ve been about 10 or 12 years old, and I used to sing in church! In high school, I used to do talent shows and sing at like a local fish shop every Friday. I started recording at 17.

So you were born in London and moved to California then Atlanta and now you live in New York! Has living in all those places had an effect on your music?

I would say that it has given me a lot of versatility as an artist! I realized how many different genres I’m into, and I never understood why until I understood about where I lived! It has helped my understanding other genres of music.

Do you think that diversity has any influence on you as an EDM artist as opposed to a Hip hop or an RnB artist?

Definitely, and to be honest, in those differnt states there is a different take on Hip hop! Westcoast Hip hop is definitely different than east coast, and both of those are different than Atlanta Hip hop!

One thing I love about your music is how you fuse it with Reggae or Pop! Where did you get that idea?

Well, I’m Nigerian, so West African music is very drum heavy with busy Afro beats or Afro pop as they are calling it now! When I moved to Atlanta, I was in the mind frame of – alright well, what do I like? What do I want to listen to? I’m also a writer, so I will write in a radio format as opposed to writing something that I’m really into! So when I moved to Atlanta, I was like, you know, what do I want to listen to? What are my ideas for myself? So I thought to myself, I’m going to fuse EDM and Afro beats because I’m really good at both of the sounds! The way the drums are. It goes really well together!

You just dropped you latest single “Afraid” from your forthcoming EP Queendom! What can you tell me about it?

Afraid! I really loved that record because the lyrics came from a real place; a broken relationship. It was my way of expressing how I felt throughout that situation. I love that song for the lyrics! I love the production because it’s kind of reminiscent of that whole Timberland era! You know that “Cry me a River” feel! It has that Pop, RnB kind of mix. I like it! It is a little differnt than my past records and I like different!

So you are also a fashion model and one of newest faces of Sephora’s ‘makeup forever’ lipstick ad campaign—which just launched this month! What can you tell me about that?

My agent sent me out for a casting! When I came across the email and they called me to go to the audition for that – I personally love my lips so I was just like, “I have this in the bag!” So I went in there with the best energy possible! I mean everyone wants to work with someone they like and I ended up booking the job with a few other models. I represent the lipstick shades for the bare skin tones, which I’m extremely proud of, because I’m all about helping darker skinned women in the black community feel better about themselves or feel more confident in their skin tone. I’m really excited about that!

So you have used your modeling career as a platform to become a singer?

Definitely! From the start, I was always interested in music! When I started modeling, I always knew that there would be opportunities to meet people and connect with people in the fashion industry that also dabble in the music industry! I think being able to do just more than music, at least for me, is a big plus. So that is something I definitely thought would help my career in music!

What advice do you have for anyone wanting to be a model or a singer?    

For the fashion industry in the modelling world, a lot of younger girls, especially some of my younger cousins would ask me – how can I become a model? I would say to them; you have to decide what kind of model you want to be, because there are so many different types now! Are you a pinup? People don’t know what that means? The lines are so blurred! Now we are even getting into social media! That is becoming a thing now!

So my advice! Make sure that you know what kind of model that you want to be and then research that! There is power in research! Research exactly what you want to do or what you want to be and gain knowledge and knowledge is power! Research what kind of model you want to be then prepare your photos so you can build a portfolio! Also reach out to representation, because team work also makes your dream come true! It will be a lot easier to get stuff done as a young model if you have representation.

As for the music industry, Im still learning a lot myself but I’d say, belief in your talent. You have to believe that your product is good, and you have to keep learning about your craft! That is what will keep you afloat! If you are an artist that wants to get signed, just to say that you are signed, your career will be over before you know it! But if you are constantly learning and constantly adapting and believing in yourself, then you can get extremely far! That is what I believe!

Where can we follow you Demi?      

IamDemiGrace everywhere with the exception of YouTube which is Demi Grace 


David MoralesDavid Morales is a graduate from Eastern Michigan University and has a background as a writer, blogger, drummer, and in the human services industry. He is passionate about helping others, learning and has a deep empathy for the creative process. You can follow his social media @dcypherstudios


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